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Young woman preparing healthy food from fruits and vegetables in kitchen
A girl lying upside down on the bed listening to music through headphones
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Woman wakes up in the morning well rested and relaxed
Woman wakes up in the morning well rested and relaxed
Woman makes a dish from vegetables in the kitchen for quick weight loss
Woman makes a dish from vegetables in the kitchen for quick weight loss

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Tips & Tricks

In our “Tips & Tricks” sections you will find everything about relaxation and relaxing. We’ll give you tips and tricks that will help you make your everyday life much more relaxing and relieve a lot of stress. With our tips and tricks you will be able to deal with everyday stress much easier and with a little bit of luck you will become a more relaxed and hopefully happier person.

Tips and tricks from our experts

With us you will get well-founded and high-quality tips and tricks from experts with many years of experience in the field of relaxation and unwinding. Our interviewed experts cover many topics related to relaxing and unwinding, sometimes giving you simple tips for everyday life and sometimes specific instructions that will help you relax more easily.

Books with useful tips and tricks

On the Internet there are numerous books with tips and tricks for relaxing. Since finding the right books is not an easy task. We have asked experts and searched the Internet and have picked out for you the best books with the best tips and tricks on topics such as relaxation or stress management. With these books, nothing stands in the way of a more relaxed everyday life.

Instructions for proper relaxation

On our pages you will find concrete instructions on how to relax better in everyday life. For example, we address the topics of breathing, meditation and yoga. However, you don’t have to practice mediation or yoga to follow our tips. We have both simple tips and tricks that anyone can use anytime and anywhere to make their everyday life a little more relaxing, as well as more complex tips and tricks with long-lasting meditation and yoga exercises. Just look around and pick out the best tips and tricks for you.

The right diet

A healthy and proper diet is very important for health and well-being. However, there are very many different opinions and views on the subject of “nutrition”. Of these, many are correct, but others are completely wrong. On our pages you will find the most widespread nutrition myths and what is really true about them. In addition, we summarize for you the most recognized tips and tricks on the subject of “nutrition”.

Relaxing with music

Music can have an incredible effect on the body and help you relax right away. With us you will learn everything about the best relaxation music and what kind of influence it has on your body. We will give you tips and tricks on how to relax with music and find the best relaxation music for you. Once you get used to relaxation music, you won’t want to miss it.

Tips and tricks to sleep better

Very many people suffer from sleep disorders and do not know what the reason is. If you are also one of these people, you are in the right place. We explain the most common causes of insomnia and give you tips and tricks on how to avoid them and get a better sleep in the future. Many little things we do in our everyday life have an impact on our sleep. Most people just need to change a few sleep-disrupting habits and they can fall asleep much better as a result.