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Working with baby

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Working with baby can be a nerve-wracking balancing act. To help you succeed anyway, we have a few tips and tricks for you.

Working with baby – Good to know

Working with baby is sometimes a real challenge. The to-do list is endless, an important phone call is scheduled for two o’clock and the inbox is overflowing with unread mails – but unfortunately the baby doesn’t want to fall asleep or cries terribly when he or she is handed over to care. With every minute the pressure grows and you ask yourself “Why am I doing this to myself again?”. Meanwhile, working with a baby is a great way to stay connected to the professional world, continue your education and escape nursery rhymes, diapers and brightly colored toys for a short time. By law, parents are allowed to work up to 30 hours a week during parental leave. Employment on a part-time basis can be claimed, provided the company employs more than 15 people and there has been at least six months of employment. In addition, the job must last two months or longer and involve at least 15 working hours a week. Working part-time can therefore be well integrated into parental leave and makes it easier to return to work later. But unfortunately, many young children lack understanding of mom and dad’s working hours and so working with baby can be a real balancing act. We have a few tips and tricks on how you can still manage both – literally.

Before you get started – planning is everything

To successfully master working with a baby, you should plan through everything important in advance and discuss it in detail with your employer. If the company does not offer childcare, it is definitely worth asking whether the work can be transferred to the home office during parental leave. Thanks to modern means of communication, many activities can now be carried out from home without any problems and, in the best case, you can save the costs of a babysitter. In addition, you can respond individually to the needs of the child at home. With the following tips, you will manage to plan your day well and be productive.

Make the most of the morning

Parents are arguably the world champions at getting up early. Use that extra time in the morning to plan out your day with all the tasks at hand

Schedule sleep times

The times when your baby is sleeping are the hours when you can be most productive. Try to keep a routine with set bedtimes so you can plan your work well. Write down exactly what you want to accomplish in this time period, all important tasks and phone calls now have priority.

Differentiate between household and work

Of course, the household should not be left behind. However, many household tasks do not require maximum concentration and can easily be done in between with the baby in your arms or in a sling. The same applies to sports training at home. Even sports with a baby are easier to do than you think. So try to keep sleeping hours free for work.

Keep the workplace baby-free

Your home office should be a baby-free place if possible. Especially as the child grows, it’s important that he or she understands that mom or dad’s workplace is a place of rest. To achieve a better separation between work and child, you can set up your own home office. And to be able to concentrate fully on your work without having to check on the little ones every two minutes, you should child-proof your home.

Stay flexible

Life with kids can be chaotic and unpredictable despite the best planning. That’s why it’s important to stay flexible and not put too much pressure on yourself. If need be, answering e-mails will have to be done on the crawling blanket. And if you don’t manage to complete all the tasks, it’s important to be honest with your employer so as not to violate the relationship of trust.

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Mother working on laptop with baby on desk

Little helpers for working with baby

Laptop stand

An adjustable laptop stand helps to place the screen in the optimal position and supports a better posture while working. Due to the metal mesh surface, heat does not accumulate between the device and the support and the laptop is always well ventilated. In addition, a laptop stand guarantees a comfortable and stable viewing and writing angle, even if work has to be spontaneously moved to the crawlspace.

Desk calendar / weekly planner

The best way to plan successfully is with a weekly planner. With the practical weekly overview you keep track of all upcoming tasks and appointments and see at a glance when it could be stressful. It is perfect if the planner also includes a to-do list, a shopping list and space for notes for each week to get everything around baby and work under one hat.


A sling allows you to carry your baby close to your body and still have your hands free. Housework and even desk work can be done wonderfully and the baby is happy. The sling fits perfectly to the baby’s body and provides a secure hold even over a longer period of time. Children up to 18 months can be transported with it.


Your baby refuses to sleep in his own room? A bassinet is the best solution for this. While working, you can put the carriage next to your desk and always have your baby in sight. By gently moving the stroller, you can quickly soothe a baby from your desk.

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