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Family as a pole of rest and happiness

The happiness factor family

For most people, personal happiness is closely associated with the term “family”. So it is not surprising that almost all studies that deal with the individual happiness of us humans, social contacts such as that to the family as Glücksfaktor Nr.1 call. Far behind then follow factors such as money, career or fame.

Family in the digital age

While family used to be the generic term for a community living together almost 24 hours a day, this has changed drastically over the years and centuries. Variations such as “patchwork family” are familiar to most these days, and there are dozens more of this kind. Being a family also no longer has to take place within spatially narrow boundaries, but can be lived across national borders thanks to the Internet and mobile telephony.

Relaxing in the face of tension

Of course, family also means stress. As a father today, you often still have the role of the sole breadwinner of the family – this automatically means responsibility and therefore not infrequently enormous stress. As a mother, it is not uncommon to have to keep the entire household together on one’s own and perhaps even work a full-time job at the same time. In such a situation, it is not uncommon to become painfully aware that there are only 24 hours in a day. And even as a child, family does not always mean security and pleasure, but can also be associated with stress, if, for example, certain expectations regarding academic success are placed on the part of the parents.

Home and Relax is ready

And this is exactly where we try to help with the help of our articles. Starting with the very young, who have problems sleeping, with the adolescents, who would also like to experience a birthday party, which does not run according to the pattern. From mothers who want to work from home or keep fit – with a baby or several children. To the father who wants to sleep completely through the night, for example, thanks to a cleverly designed family bed.