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Bedroom – live your dream

Your bedroom, your kingdom

A restful sleep regenerates your body and boosts performance to face everyday stress. In order to recover ideally, your bedroom plays an important role. Keep in mind that you spend about a third of your life in the bedroom. Therefore, it is all the more important that you create a space that invites you to dream. Your bedroom is arguably the most intimate space in your life, so express your personality with the design of the room. But keep in mind that less is often more. This is especially true for your own bedroom.

Less is More

The bedroom is usually dominated by one large piece of furniture – the bed. If you focus on just the bare essentials in your bedroom, you’ll find it much easier to relax. Think carefully about what you want to use the bedroom for elsewhere. Is it really necessary to put your workspace in the bedroom and take a look at your work before you go to sleep? Avoid such distractions at all costs and make sure that the bedroom is furnished as sparsely as possible. A cluttered bedroom does not equate to coziness and will only distract you unnecessarily. Therefore, see to it that your bedroom remains manageable. Ban all large pieces of furniture from your bedroom or place them to the side of the bed if possible. Instead, you can decorate the wall in front of your bed with a beautiful landscape painting. Maybe it will help you to relax before sleeping. Of course, the right lighting should not be missing. If possible, avoid glaring ceiling lights and instead set up several subdued light sources in your bedroom. A beautiful play of light has a very relaxing effect and makes your bedroom look bigger.

The bedroom as a ritual room

Even though the bedroom can be used for various games, it remains mainly a place to rest. Some tips you should definitely consider if a restful sleep is important to you. Ensure the right temperature and enough oxygen. Temperatures between 16 and 18 degrees is the ideal bedroom temperature. Open the windows wide before sleeping to ensure sufficient oxygen. Plants also have a supporting effect. They convert carbon dioxide
carbon dioxide into oxygen. Even if your bedroom is to be furnished comfortably but simply, there are people who cannot fall asleep without a television. If you also belong to this type of person, then regulate the volume to a minimum. The deep sleep phase is the most restful phase of sleep and should not be disturbed by high volume. The sleep timer works wonders here. Otherwise, try reading a book before going to sleep. Often, your eyes will close on their own after just a few pages. If that’s too boring for you, you can also listen to an audio book. But here too, as with the TV, use the sleep timer. The bedroom should be your own ritual room. Think about a relaxing ritual, which you perform every evening before sleeping. This will help you switch off from everyday life and clear your mind. Your body will quickly adjust to it and put you into sleep mode.