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How to choose a box spring bed

Box spring bed in bedroom
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Today we are dealing with the question: How to choose a good box spring bed? For this we have Philipp Wazcek, founder of, in an interview.


Hello Philipp, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us on the topic of box spring beds. Today we would like to clarify: How can I tell a good box spring bed? You are the founder of the website

There your customers can personalize box spring beds. There are also accessories and some useful tips about boxspring beds. In your free time, you are mainly active in sports, running half marathons, triathlons and going on hiking tours. How come you also deal with the topic of sleep?
Especially when you do a lot of sports, it’s important to find the right balance between exertion and recovery. Otherwise, you run the risk of being more susceptible to injury due to over-exertion, or even that your performance will decline. You have to make sure that you get enough rest for your body, and sleep is an important part of that. And I also started to look at this when I was young: How little sleep can you get by on? That’s when I tested my limits, so to speak.

How did you come to the subject of box spring beds?

Everyone was talking about it at the time, including my friends. I heard about all the advantages and wanted to buy one. I simply watched videos about it and read texts about it. I talked to the salespeople in the stores and later, of course, to the manufacturers. The deeper you get into the subject, the more specific questions you can ask. And then you also realize what’s good, what’s bad, what really matters. In the meantime, I have also taken part in training to become a certified bed consultant.

Basic information about box spring bed

We’re glad you’re sharing your knowledge with us. Maybe you can explain briefly to those who are not so familiar with the subject: What actually is a box spring bed and how can you tell?

With a box spring bed, unlike a regular bed, there is not a slatted frame and a mattress. Instead, there is a mattress at the bottom, which is incorporated into a box, that is, a wooden frame. Above that comes another mattress and then comes the topper. That is, you have 3 layers. This is the Scandinavian version. In the American box spring bed, the topper and the mattress are in one, i.e. you have these 35 cm high mattresses, where the innersprings are below and the foam above. In the Scandinavian box spring bed, which is more common in Germany, you have the mattress and topper separately. This has the advantage that you can adjust the individual components even better to yourself.

What are the advantages of a box spring bed compared to a “normal” bed with mattress and slatted frame?

The advantage in contrast to the normal bed is that you have 3 layers on top of each other and thus lies much more comfortable. In addition, box spring bed have a continuous topper. Therefore, you no longer have a “visitor’s crevice” that separates the two mattresses. Due to the 3 layers, you also lie much higher, which is of course much more comfortable to get off and on. In addition, the box spring bed can not squeak. With the normal bed, the slatted frame can rub against the bed frame and start to squeak. In addition, the topper can be changed individually, for example, if it needs to be replaced for hygienic reasons. The disadvantage is that a real box spring bed is more expensive. In a normal bed, a mattress costs around 500 €. So for a double bed you are at 1000 €. With the box spring bed it is so that one has 4 mattresses, plus the Topper. I.e. one comes there already times on 2500 €, alone for the components.


Let’s take a closer look at the individual components of the box spring bed. Let’s start with the wooden frame or “box”. What is important there?

First of all, it is important that there is a mattress in it. The cheap models are often not a “real” box spring bed. There are then in the wooden frame simply wooden slats in it and the whole thing has only a box spring optics. This is cheaper, but it does not have the same comfort. You also have to be careful with the wood: Classic with the cheap models is to simply use plywood. In addition, as a connection between the boxes, that is, the sides of the bed, is simply used U-sheet, which is often put through the fabric. That is, you directly destroy the textile on the underside. If you move 2 -3 times, it may be that the fabric continues to tear. In high-quality box spring beds, the frame is made of a plywood or solid wood. This is much more stable, robust and durable. Since one has a life span of far more than 10 years. There is also a special connection between the boxes in the high-end models. This looks like a crocodile. On one side you have the “mouth” and on the other a pin and you push that into each other. To separate, you then have to lift one box.


What about the probably most important component, namely the mattresses. What needs to be considered in particular?

First and foremost, the material is crucial, but also that you have enough height. It’s no use having only a 5 cm mattress, because you have to be able to sink into it. We always recommend that you have a 16 cm high mattress in the box itself and an 18 cm thick mattress as the top mattress. As far as the innersprings are concerned: we do not recommend bonell innersprings in any case, that is only a temporary solution. In such mattresses there are no zones, because all the springs are connected with each other. This creates the same effect as a hammock, where you sag in the middle. You can’t move so well in it and you remain in one position. The bed cannot adapt to the body shape so well. Therefore, it should be used only as a temporary solution or perhaps as a guest bed. We generally recommend pocket springs or even better: barrel pocket springs. There, the springs are sewn into small pockets individually. Each spring can be compressed individually without the spring next to it also buckling. This is also called point elasticity. In contrast to pocket spring cores, barrel pocket spring cores have the advantage that they can also yield laterally and not only downward. They are also softer in general. With springs, you should make sure that you have about 250 springs per square meter. If you have less, the springs will be too big. So the mattress becomes too soft and the point elasticity is no longer given. If you have more than 250 springs per square meter, it is so that the springs are then too thin. As a result, they act like a board and are too hard. What is also important is that the mattress has at least five zones. If you imagine the body, you have the head, the shoulders, the hips and the legs. The shoulders, for example, must be able to sink in much deeper than the head. This is achieved by means of these 5 zones. In the meantime, 7 zones have become standard. The hip region is divided into 3 additional zones. But 5 zones are generally completely sufficient.

Okay, so a clear recommendation for the pocket or barrel pocket spring cores. Does this apply only to the upper or lower mattress or to both?

It applies to both. In the box, it’s not so bad if bonell spring cores are processed there, however, I would go for barrel pocket spring cores there as well. You simply notice a clear qualitative difference over the years and have an even higher level of comfort. You can also see again and again on the market that people are experimenting with foam mattresses. However, this has disadvantages. If you have an innerspring mattress on the bottom, then a foam mattress and the topper on top of it, the air cannot circulate under the topper. That’s the advantage of the spring mattresses, that the air can circulate nicely so that mold doesn’t form in it. With a foam mattress, the topper does not get enough air and mold can form there more easily. Also mites can settle more easily.

The degree of hardness is also important for mattresses. How do I find the right degree of firmness for me?

This is a good question, because the degree of hardness is not standardized. Each manufacturer has its own degree of hardness. We have solved this in such a way that we make the decision dependent on body weight, body size and sleeping position. As a side sleeper, for example, you should tend to sleep softer so that your shoulders and hips can sink in better. If you are a back or stomach sleeper, you should tend to lie harder because you will be lying straight on the bed. We have posted a hardness calculator on where you can calculate your hardness level based on these 3 points.

So you have to try out from manufacturer to manufacturer which degree of hardness suits you?

Yes, some only take into account your preferences, i.e. whether you say you like it harder or softer. Others only take weight into account. They don’t take into account how tall you are or whether you like to sleep on your back or side. We have had the best experience with the mix of the 3 factors.

What is the range of firmness?

There are H1 to H5. H1 is very soft and H5 is very hard. As a “normal consumer” you will find yourself somewhere between H2 and H3. H2 and H3 usually cost the same. Usually H4 and H5 are more expensive. H1 is rare.

Hardness level of box spring bed


What’s the clincher with toppers?

The topper is like the cherry on top of the icing on the cake, so to speak. It’s what makes up how comfortable you really feel in the bed. The one underneath is the foundation and the topper is then very dependent on personal preferences. For example, you should ask yourself beforehand: Do I sweat a lot at night or am I rather cold? Do I sleep quietly or do I move around a lot? Am I allergic or not? In general, you should make sure that the core height is 6 cm or higher. This is also a question of sinking in. And the fact that the density is 14 kg per cubic meter should be seen as a guideline. This also depends on the material. For example, latex mattresses are generally softer and thus have a lower density. If you are allergic, you should make sure that the cover can be removed and washed. With natural materials, such as cotton, the cover should be washed at 60 degrees, because this is the temperature range where bacteria and mites die off. With polyester, normal washing is sufficient because it is already antibacterial and therefore mites cannot settle in it.

Do you have any recommendations as to which material is best for toppers or is that a matter of taste?

We recommend gel foam or latex products, which are the highest quality. The most common are cold foam or comfort foam mattresses. They are quite cheap and simple, that’s why they are sold so often. Cold foam tends to be harder, so it’s good for people who move around a lot at night or who tend to sweat more because the cold foam has a cooling effect. Visco foam is suitable for restful sleepers and for those who freeze at night. Restless ones should not lie on it in any case, because they will not be able to move well. Gel foam combines visco with cold foam, i.e. it has a cooling effect, but yields better than the cold foam solution. It is softer and adapts better to the shape of the body when pressure is applied, but also gives way well when you want to move around in it. Latex is temperature-regulating and also rather softer. However, one must pay attention to possible intolerances, e.g. latex allergy. Also, if you have diseases where you sweat a lot or if you sweat a lot in general, you should not go for natural latex, because otherwise the material will just wear out too quickly.

I’m sure some of our readers will find themselves in this situation. What is then, if one sleeps with two in the bed. Do you have to choose a topper and a mattress?

Well, there are also beds that have a continuous mattress, but you should have two separate ones in the long run. Unless you need the same degree of hardness. Otherwise, you should definitely adjust the degree of hardness to yourself. With the topper you usually take a compromise for both. That’s why latex or gel foam is the best choice, because they are suitable for many sleeping habits.

Bed frame

What should you consider when choosing a bed frame?

As we have already discussed, the main thing to look for in boxes is the wood and that the connections are suitable. In the event that you want to use a bed base or motor, you should definitely look that you still have a second mattress. Some manufacturers have, instead of the mattress in the box, below simply inserted the bed base or motor. Then you have again only a mattress and the topper and there, of course, some of the comfort is lost. Also allergy sufferers should not use a bed base or motor if possible, because in this case there is a wooden plate under the mattress in the box. As a result, the air in the whole system can not circulate as well. Thus, moisture accumulates and bacteria and mites can settle better. The headboard is irrelevant to sleeping comfort per se. You can decide whether you want it to be upholstered so that you can sit comfortably in it. Perhaps you also have optical preferences. There are also some with integrated lamps.

Advantages of a box spring bed

After all, the big advantage of box spring beds is that they are supposed to be more comfortable than on a single mattress because of the multi-layer system. Nevertheless, there are single mattresses, some of which are even award-winning and promise the ideal sleeping comfort, for much less money. From your point of view, what justifies the high purchase price of a box spring bed?

First of all, the material is of higher quality. With these “test winners” you just notice that savings were made at every corner. For example, some cheap polyester cover is used instead of an upholstered fabric. We also use solid wood in the bed frames of our products. In addition, our mattresses each have 7-zone barrel pocket spring cores with 250 springs per square meter. On top of that comes another gel foam topper with a core height of 8 cm. And in addition, there are two cotton bed sheets, so you get the whole package here. Our bed is designed for a service life of 10 and more years. With cheap models it is so, they are the first 1 -2 years certainly top and you would hardly notice a difference. But the big differences you then notice after several years. Then the mattress is already worn out and thus you no longer lie well in it. If necessary, you have to buy a new mattress after 2 years, because otherwise you get neck or back pain.

What other advantages do I have when I buy my bed at

For one thing, our “carefree” package includes a 101-night sleep trial. If you need a different firmness level, we will send you the mattress in the correct firmness level free of charge. If it still doesn’t fit, we will pick up the entire bed again and the customer will get their money back. We also offer free delivery and assembly, and provide a 5-year warranty. In addition, we made sure the bed sheet is low lint and stays tight. Furthermore, we use a special cover that makes you fall asleep faster, sleep better through the night and have accelerated muscle recovery.

How does it work?

You always give off body heat, even when you sleep. This special cover converts the body heat into infrared radiation and reflects it back to the body. This infrared radiation has these positive effects on sleep. It has also been proven in several studies that this also works and helps.


Now that I have my box spring bed, what can I do to care for it to make the new bed last even longer?

The most important thing is to turn the mattresses. Both over the long side and the short side. This way you can significantly increase the life of the materials. Top and bottom should be changed at least every 3 months and head and foot part every month. The same goes for the topper. In the worst case, after a few years you will get the idea: “Oh, I should turn my mattress”, but then the materials are already worn out due to overuse and then the turning does not bring so much.

Thank you

Thanks to your help, we have well summarized what to look for when getting a box spring bed. Thank you so much for your time and effort.

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