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Living room – your home

The living room as the heart

If the living room were an organ, it would be the heart in the human body. The living room is often the most central room in the home. From there, it usually goes to the other rooms. Therefore, it is not surprising that a large part of daily life takes place in the living room. Since many different needs meet in the living room, it is important to coordinate the different functions: The kids want to watch TV, the partner wants to play his latest game on the console and the wife is annoyed by everything and just wants to read the new Ken Follet in peace with a glass of wine in her hand.

What style should it be?

If you’re furnishing a new living room, or renovating your old one, think about a style. The style can range from natural country style to trendy modern minimalism. On Home & Relax we want to inspire you with a wealth of examples. Of course, you can also combine different styles in the living room. This is not only true if you and your partner can not agree on a particular style. Style breaks look especially modern and loosening in the living room. For example, you can break up your country style living room with a modern and gaudy rug. Be creative when decorating your living room. You can follow our examples, but you should not try to copy them one by one. If you put your personal touch on your living room, you will feel much more comfortable and you will be able to relax much better from the stressful workday. In the end, all that matters is your own taste. Don’t be afraid of unusual ideas. Amaze your visitors and yourself.

The must-have in the living room

So that you can feel really comfortable in your living room, there are a few elements that should not be missing in any living room. A guaranteed eye-catcher is of course a 55-inch 4K TV, but this is only a nice accessory and should not be the focus of the living room. A sprawling and cozy sofa is always suitable as a focal point, where friends and family can find space. Nothing then stands in the way of the next game night with friends, the family TV evening or the cozy hour for two. A flat living room table and an armchair will also give the whole living room a sociable character. Side tables and open cabinets are not only suitable for giving the living room a clean line. They are equally suitable as an optimal storage and display space of memorabilia. If you live in a small finca right on the beach, it will be easy for you to include the view in your design. But only a few have this luck. But that shouldn’t stop you from incorporating your surroundings. Maybe you have a great idea how to integrate the view from your living room into the design.