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DiY Creative

What is DiY

“DiY” is an acronym that means “do it yourself”. Translated into German, it means “do it yourself.” With the help of DiY tips, you can independently craft decorations for your household and all without professional help. Crafting, assembling, cutting, sawing, knitting, crocheting, painting, gluing and similar techniques are used to make your own product for home. In the end, you get chic decorations for little money for the effort you put in.

For whom is suitable DiY

Indoor DiY tips are suitable for most people. Some like to tinker. Others are crafty. Still others knit or crochet in their spare time. Even if none of these apply to you, that’s not too bad. There are also plenty of indoor DiY tips aimed specifically at beginners. This way, even the not-so-creative and skilled people among you can craft something for the home. You can save a lot of money, because you often only need a few common household materials. Instead of an expensive branded product, you now have a handmade, unique product, which you appreciate much more, because you have invested a lot of work and time in the completion. As a reward, you not only save yourself money, but you also stand out from the crowd.


DiY Tip 1: Origami is the art of paper folding. With a piece of Din-A4 paper can conjure up many three-dimensional objects, for example, animals, paper airplanes or objects. This requires only a little skill. The result can be used very well as decoration, for example in the children’s room.

DiY Tip 2: Furniture is usually very expensive and must also first be transported home and assembled there. An alternative to this would be homemade furniture. Euro pallets or sturdier boxes and cartons could be spiced up a bit and used as a storage table, as a shelf or even as a cabinet. This will require some creativity, though.

DiY tip 3: If you belong to the already almost extinct species that has mastered the art of sewing – why not sew your own pillow? Even for beginners, there are numerous instructions on the Internet. With this, you could impress future visitors very well, for example.

DiY Tip 4: In addition to pillows, you can also make your own bedspreads. This is associated with a lot of effort and accuracy in the work, but in the end you get a very handsome product for it.

DiY Tip 5: Want to add some life to your boring furniture? LEDs would be a great way to make your TV board glow, for example. The colors can be changed according to your wishes and are an absolute eye-catcher. LEDs can also be used in the party room and directly make the room a little more lively.