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Terrace with terrace canopy with green garden, very idyllic and relaxing
Terrace roofing
Cozy, luxurious sundeck with sunshade
Sun protection
Noble cold winter garden with sofa, glass table and big plants
Terrace with terrace furniture and terrace canopy
Patio furniture

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Terrace – the perfect place of well-being

The terrace is the connection between your house and your garden. It is the transition between living room and nature and can act as the perfect oasis of well-being. On our page we will show you how, with a little know-how and good planning, you can combine the benefits of indoor relaxation with those of outdoor relaxation on your terrace. We will show you how you can create a very special relaxing atmosphere with the help of the right furniture, which will be rounded off by the appropriate patio cover. Moreover, you even have the possibility to turn your terrace into a cold winter garden. If your terrace doesn’t have a roof, you should read our article on sun protection. There we explain everything about choosing the right sunshade for your needs.

Terrace furniture – the heart of the terrace

A terrace without furniture is like a living room without a sofa. Therefore, you should pay a lot of attention to choosing the right furniture for your patio. Furniture gives the terrace a personality and significantly determines what activities can be done on the terrace. The design of the furniture should be adapted to your individual taste and to the rest of the style of the terrace. There are many different patio furniture that can be combined in all imaginable forms and make your patio so unique. There are no limits to your creativity.

Terrace canopy – the best protection for your terrace

If you want to be protected from rain and sun on your terrace all year round, the purchase of a terrace roof is inevitable. A patio roof greatly enhances the look of your patio and, most importantly, increases the coziness of your patio all year round. Terrace roofs are available in many different forms and price ranges. It always depends on your needs and the size of your wallet. In any case, the number of possible variations is almost infinite. For example, you have the choice between fixed glass roofs, fixed opaque roofs and glass roofs that have an awning underneath and can thus provide flexible sun or shade.

Cold conservatory – the slightly different terrace

A cold conservatory is the perfect intermediate solution between an open terrace and a classic conservatory. It has a very good price-performance ratio and is relatively easy to install. In addition, it can still be retrofitted to the house and is much cheaper than classic conservatories. A cold conservatory has no heating or insulation, but serves mainly as a rain and wind protection. This makes it perfect for plants to overwinter. Since it warms up very quickly when exposed to sunlight, the cold conservatory can also be used for relaxing as soon as the first rays of sunshine arrive. Thus, for little money, you have additional living space for the summer months. In addition, the cold conservatory can be quickly transformed into an open conservatory by opening the glass walls.

Sun protection – if it may be sometimes less sun

Even though most of the time we tend to crave the sun, there are still moments when we want to protect ourselves from the sun to avoid sunburn or simply to avoid being blinded. To protect yourself or areas in your yard from the sun, there are many different options. In addition to the patio roofs mentioned above, there are also mobile sun protection options. Whether awnings, sunshades or sun sails – when choosing the right sunshade, you should pay particular attention to where the sun shines into your garden from and how mobile and easy to set up the sunshade should be.

Lighting for your terrace

The right patio lighting makes all the difference

If you want to take full advantage of the unfortunately rather small number of hot summer days in Germany, you should think about buying outdoor patio lighting. In the summer, it is usually very pleasant outside in the evening, just unfortunately already dark. But not with patio lighting! Who comes home late from work and had to sit in the office in the beautiful weather, should at least still be able to enjoy the pleasant evening air with a glass of wine on his terrace.
There are a variety of different light sources to consider. From permanently installed sconces to illuminated water features and fountains, anything is possible. Here, we’ll show you how you can use a few tricks to light up your patio and create an inviting, comfortable atmosphere.

Find your style

Finding the right lighting for your patio is not quite as easy as some might imagine. The selection of different lamps seems to be almost overwhelming. With us you will find a selection of different styles and alternatives for every budget. So you can easily find the perfect outdoor lighting for your patio. Our product comparisons help you to compare different illuminants and lamps and to weigh their respective pros and cons. It is especially important to us that we offer you a wide range of options to choose from, so that you can stay true to your personal style and freely design your patio according to your ideas. We simply assist you in researching and comparing products so that you can add your own touch to your dream patio with the right lighting.

Atmospheric lighting

It is not only beneficial to have patio lighting to be able to see something on your patio in the dark, but also to give your patio a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. Lights have a significant impact on our well-being and light therapies can contribute to your overall health. Therefore, in this category we want to talk not only about outdoor lamps, but also about their effects on our body. We have summarized everything you need to know to find the perfect patio lighting for you at a glance. We’ll also show you tips and tricks on outdoor lighting that will help you set the scene for even small patios or even balconies, provided you use the right lamps. So there’s something for everyone here to turn your terrace into a shining paradise and enjoy your garden to the full even at dusk or in the late evening.