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Bright, tidy living room in blue, with armchair, sofa, blanket, swing and pictures on the wall
Living room
A dining room decorated in pastel colors with a large table, chairs and wooden chandelier
Dining room
Bright bedroom with bed, pictures and plants decorated in red-brown colors
Bright study with 2 chairs, table and several pictures on the wall
Home Office
Girl jumping around in her nursery
Children's room
Stylish luxury bathroom in bright colors

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Furnishing for your home

What to look for when furnishing

How do I furnish which room? Which furniture should I purchase? Which design is preferable? Are there any other tips to consider? Much is a matter of taste, of course, but there is one thing you can’t argue about – the furnishings should give your home a cozy and inviting ambiance, for you, for your family and for possible visitors. This is necessary to feel at home between your own 4 walls. The number and size of furniture depends on the size of each room. In general, you can say that you should not pack the rooms too full with pieces of furniture and decoration. Less is known to be more. However, when decorating, you should be careful not to put the furniture too much against the wall, otherwise the room could quickly look quite empty. When moving into a new house, the furnishings are often bought in the same design or color, so that everything looks coherent and stylish at the same time. In addition, there are usually color-coordinated accessories, such as carpet, pillows or curtains for the window. When choosing the color of the furniture, make sure that it does not “bite” with the color of the wallpaper. Ceiling lights, wall clocks and mirrors can be found in most rooms. You could definitely use these as stylish decorative items. You can find ideas and more suggestions for decorating each room on their respective pages.

Furnishing for the living room

The living room is one of the most important rooms, where not only all family members are most often, but also all guests are received. Therefore, it is important to find a proper interior or furniture especially for this room. This includes couch, living room table, TV, TV board, carpet and a lot of decoration. The goal here is to create a comfortable, cozy and inviting environment. Everyone should feel comfortable.

Essential elements for the bedroom

The bedroom is a place for rest and regeneration. Good sleep is necessary to start the day full of energy. The most important thing here is the right bed with a comfortable mattress. Closet and nightstand are also part of the standard repertoire. With decoration and photos you can make your bedroom a little more personal to feel comfortable. Plants also belong in the bedroom, ensuring a more peaceful and restful sleep due to oxygen.

Furnishing for the dining room

The dining room is a meeting place for all family members to have meals together, whether breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. This is rarely found as a single room anymore. Rather, it is located as a semi-open partial room in the kitchen or living room. The most important thing here, of course, is the dining table, after which all the other furnishings are arranged. The dining table can be very well decorated with the help of plants and candles to create an inviting ambience.

Furnishing for the study

The study is not only for people with home office. Many people need to stay available and prepare things even after the shift ends. Also, the study provides a quiet and creative retreat. The room is ideally equipped with a desk, a PC or notebook, shelves with folders, trays with notes, a desk lamp and many other useful gadgets. The primary goal of this furniture is to facilitate and organize work.