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A redecoration is good for the soul. With these tricks, you'll succeed in redecorating to your taste.


The redecoration! Sometimes you just need it. You know it: At some point you reach a point where you come home and look around. Everything is as it always was and your beloved furnishings are also where they should be. Everything is tidy and spotless, but something bothers you. You are bored with your surroundings and you are missing a little more pep. You’ve simply had enough and need a redecoration! We’ll show you how to do it inexpensively and how to give your home a new touch without much effort and stress, so that you can live better and more relaxed at home again.

Develop a basic redecoration idea

Planning is everything. Take a minute and take in your current apartment character and get clear on what exactly is bothering you and what you no longer like. While doing this, even if you feel silly, stroll around the room(s) looking at everything from different perspectives. This way you can find out whether you want your living space to be more minimalist, modern, rustic, sterile or warmer. This will make it easier for you to go in a certain direction and see how you want to structure your wallpaper change.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Take your time with your plan and don’t rush into anything. Before you start buying material for a lot of money, you should start slowly and try out small and inconspicuous things first. Check if you still like your vision in reality. For example, if you fancy a waterbed, futon bed or box spring bed, try it out at a friend’s house or bed store before ordering it online. A retro refrigerator just looks cool online? Check it out at your local electronics store before you make an impulse purchase. Because we don’t want you to be overwhelmed with the redecoration later on, or even more dissatisfied with your home’s look than before. If you are sure of your idea, you can of course go full throttle and let your inner Tine Wittler out. Then feel free to let us know if there were any tears of joy after completing your wallpaper change.

Rearrange furniture

The quickest and easiest solution to give your home a new look is to simply rearrange the furniture. The big advantage is that you can undo everything immediately, without having to pay for materials or costs. You’ll be surprised how much bigger and brighter a room can look when you place your furniture cleverly. The purposeful positioning of select pieces of furniture can make them shine in a new light and define the character of the room. You can also think outside the four walls and use furniture in other rooms than you actually intended. For example, you can play a bit with elements like a beanbag chair or arrange your armchair to create a small reading corner. Depending on the floor, you should be careful not to scratch it. To prevent this, there are self-adhesive felt gliders in various sizes. You can simply stick them under the furniture and you won’t run the risk of ruining your floor. Here you can also bring a small rug into play, for warm feet for example one made of lambskin is quite suitable.

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Young couple moves furniture in living room

Color redecoration – Bring color into the room

Colors not only have a very special effect on a room, but also on our psyche. A white or bluish room can seem bright, big and clean, but at the same time a bit cold and uncomfortable. On the other hand, too many colors at once can also seem very jumbled and radiate a certain restlessness. Here you should be clear about what you are missing.


Do you wish for more security? Then you should tend more towards earthy colors. Especially soft brown and gold tones convey security and warmth while still being chic and elegant. Darker browns will make your space more rustic. Colorings like ochre or sienna are the most versatile and go with almost any decor. The color red is also a warm color. However, here you should only set small accents, for example, in the form of red pillows. Too large red areas have something very intrusive and could stress you out.


White and blue are colors that symbolize order and cleanliness. If you feel like everything is getting too crowded for you and the proverbial ceiling is falling on your head, these colors are just right for you. They visually enlarge the space and make everything seem brighter and tidier. Small accents of color like turquoise bring an understated, yet warm and personal touch to an otherwise somewhat sterile looking room.

Literally change of wallpaper with adhesive wallpaper

Even though the synonym of changing the wallpaper is just a synonym, of course, no one is stopping you from not taking it literally. You like it more extravagant? Then you can try to turn your apartment into a “high fashion” loft.


With elegant, self-adhesive photo wallpapers in brick or wood optics, for example, you can upgrade any room and create an eye-catcher. Again, you should pay attention to the fact that a photo wallpaper attracts enormous attention and can occupy the room very much. Therefore, it is best to embellish only one wall, which is best integrated into the room. The beauty of self-adhesive wallpaper is that you do not have the stress of “real” wallpapering. You don’t have mess and the wallpaper won’t soak through if you’re too good with the paste. Because you don’t need any.


Another highlight are 3D wallpapers. This effect makes the look much more realistic and you can really feel like you’re in a London penthouse.


If you like it more understated, a plain wall tattoo could also be the perfect solution for you. With your favorite quote or song lyrics, everything gets another personal touch and, depending on the meaning, gives off a certain mood to all readers.

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