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Fancy a change in your home again? How about some boho decorr? We have collected tips and ideas for you around the boho style.

Boho decor – What awaits you here

As the title promises, this article is all about boho decorr and how you can easily transform your room. Chances are, you’ve googled “boho decor” and know exactly what you’re looking for. However, if you stumbled here more or less by accident, then the next two sections in particular should be of interest to you. There we explain where the term comes from and what’s behind boho style in the first place. In addition, we have collected heaps of tips and suggestions to help you skillfully integrate the boho style into your own four walls.

Where does the boho style come from and what makes it?

In this section, we first want to give you a rough overview of the meaning and origin of boho style. After that, we will continue with the tips and ideas we have compiled about decorating in boho style and the matching boho decorr.

Where does the boho decor style come from?

First, let’s take a little detour to the 19th century, when intellectuals and artists rebelled against the usual conventions of the bourgeoisie. “Boho” is short for the term “bohemian,” which describes this same fringe group of philosophers, poets and artists. They lived an exciting, free and colorful lifestyle, joined together in shared apartments and worked together in their inexpensive artists’ studios. Mainly they earned their living with writing, philosophical writings, painting or poetry and tried to live autonomously as much as they could.

And what does this have to do with boho decorration?

They also attached great importance to individuality with regard to their clothing and the furnishings of their communal rented apartments. They were inspired by the Bohemian Roma, who roamed the countries with colorful carts and were called “Bohemians” from the 15th century. This explains the name “Bohemian”, which means “Bohemian” and “unconventional” at the same time. This is where the origins of bright colors, mixing different materials and creative designs can be found, which can still be found in boho style today. Their creative style set them apart from the social norm of the time, and thus shaped the boho style of today.

What distinguishes the boho style?

What the hippies of the 60s and 70s liked to pick up and used to be disparagingly called “hippie chic” by some, has been experiencing a big upswing in popularity in decorating for a few years now. As you can probably guess by now, boho style still stands for a cheerful, life-affirming and creative style of artists, globetrotters and free spirits. boho decor style looks imperfect, dazzlingly colorful and natural at the same time.

Cozy colorful!

Boho style is characterized mainly by its variety of textiles and unique home accessories. When decorating in the boho look, you can really let off steam. Rugs, pillows, vases, candles, tapestries, colorful pictures and rustic sculptures. A sofa in boho look looks really cozy only when it is overflowing with pillows and equipped with cozy blankets. Also from other accessories you may distribute quiet a few parts more in your apartment.

Colors, colors, colors!

Accent colors

In short, bold accent colors. The boho style tolerates strong colors such as bright yellow, bold reds or bright turquoise blue. But also muted colors like petrol, Bordeaux red or violet are great. Just don’t choose your color scheme too dark, because the overall result should still look cheerful and airy.

Basic colors

Basic colors are earthy tones like cream, brown or sand. Beige, khaki and olive complement these ideally. Accents in black look more modern and form a suitable contrast. You can also combine several colors with each other and spice them up with wild patterns. Everything you like is allowed. The style is ultimately characterized by its “imperfection” and by its expression of personality.

The simpler version

If you like it a little more simple and want to set only isolated Boho accents, we recommend you to limit yourself to up to two colors. For this, you should keep your walls in subtle colors and also prefer to choose larger pieces of furniture in muted tones to achieve a harmonious overall look.

HOW TO DECORATE BOHO STYLE - 11 tips to get you started!

Study furnished with boho deco

What boho decor is all about

Wild pattern mix

Lots of cozy textiles and a bunch of accessories are as much a part of boho style as the influence of foreign cultures. Persian rugs with oriental patterns, for example, are an absolute eye-catcher and fit perfectly with the boho style. Folkloric elements and ethnic patterns are generally quite “boho” and go wonderfully with home textiles such as patchwork quilts or batik pillows. You don’t have to be afraid that the many patterns with different textures don’t match – as long as they have the same basic color, the overall impression is coherent.

Do-it-yourself is the order of the day

The decorations include many objects that sometimes even have certain meanings. Also often include animal representations. For example, the elephant stands for loyalty and positive energy. Birds, for example, are the epitome of freedom. Consequently, wooden stand-up figures do well in a boho room. If you are not lucky enough to get hold of such unique decorations on vacation or at the flea market, then of course you can make them yourself. Maybe you’re a good painter? Then just paint yourself some pictures as wall decorations! Do you do pottery in your spare time? Then how about some pretty bowls for your jewelry? There are also extensive collections with all kinds of instructions for do-it-yourself decoration. Just take a look around the internet, you’ll be surprised how you can easily spruce up your room without much effort.

Natural materials

When it comes to furnishing and decorating in the boho look, mainly natural materials are used. For this, we especially recommend you textiles made of cotton, wool or linen. Accessories and furniture made of rattan and wood, maybe even leather, perfectly match the natural look of your interior. You can also go natural with the decoration – with ceramics, wood, feathers, straw, seaweed or dried flowers. Metals such as copper and brass, as well as decorative elements trimmed to antique, do not look quite as modern as polished stainless steel or shiny glass and therefore fit ideally into the picture. In general, we advise you to focus on a natural flair and set varied accents with bright colors.

Nothing works without textiles!

As we have already mentioned, nothing goes with Boho Deko without textiles. To bring the typical coziness into the room, we recommend you a lot of textiles in different colors, with different patterns and textures. Soft pillows, cozy blankets in pretty colors and various rugs are also an absolute must. Through textiles in bright colors, even the smallest decorative elements set gaudy color accents in otherwise plain rooms. Especially rugs with fringes and patterned wall hangings bring a lot of warmth and a whole new sense of space.

The details matter

More is more

In addition to lots of cozy textiles, the right accessories matter. When furnishing and decorating in boho style, you can safely throw the old familiar advice “Less is more!” overboard. Here applies instead: Better one accessory more than too little. As we briefly touched on earlier, decorative elements of foreign cultures are suitable, which you can bring back from travels or find at the flea market, for example. Particularly popular are decorations from the Asian region, Africa or the Orient.

Typical boho decor

For the storage of your odds and ends are self-potted clay bowls, woven baskets made of seaweed or fabric boxes. As planters for plants are suitable in addition to just mentioned seaweed baskets also pots made of terracotta or handmade ceramics. Typical “boho” are also hanging baskets, hand-painted plates, oriental wall mirrors or old books. Macramé wall hangings and dream catchers are real boho classics and are also very easy to make yourself.

Creativity is great!

Also many utilitarian objects such as ceramic plates, pretty rugs or bowls made of wood or wicker make great on the wall. Let your imagination run wild, with a little creativity you can convert many everyday objects into decorations. For example, you could use a particularly beautiful straw hat from your last vacation as a decoration instead of letting it gather dust in the closet. Even old postcards make, as a collage imaginatively arranged on the wall, really what.

Find boho decor

If you have not already found some in your own household, then you will certainly find in the attic of your grandma, but also often in thrift stores or flea markets. If you’re handy, you could also look for old pieces of furniture in the salvage yard or on Ebay Classifieds, and then refurbish them to suit your style.

Essentials for boho style: plants

We think that plants should not be missing in any home, no matter which interior style is preferred there. But this is especially true for the boho style, because the many plants perfectly complement the natural style. In addition to coziness and freshness, they once again bring a good portion of color into the room. Especially large-leaved plants such as a rubber tree, fig trees or a monstera, which makes a real statement with its large round leaves, look simply stunning. If you don’t have a particularly green thumb, you can also get yourself some cacti or artificial plants to make your room much more vibrant.

boho decor: decorate attractively

Small furniture, big effect

When it comes to furnishings, a mix of styles is once again the order of the day. But don’t worry, to set accents in boho style, you don’t have to completely scrap your current furnishings. We can reassure you, because just small parts such as wooden stools already make a big difference. Their simple design allows you to use them in many ways – for example, as a seat when your friends pay you a spontaneous visit, as a shelf for magazines or as a decorative object on which you place a plant. Especially (refurbished) vintage furniture harmonizes great with boho-style decorations.

The classics

Other comfortable classics such as hammocks, hanging chairs, a divan, patterned seat cushions or beanbags are also ideal. However, you should be careful not to include too straight, angular or “stifling” pieces of furniture, such as a huge wall of cabinets. Your room in boho look should still look airy. Due to the fact that the boho style lives on the visually different elements and many small parts, you have a lot of freedom when decorating.

From old make new

Upcycling is cool! Not only for the sake of the boho style, but also for the sake of the environment, you should use as many flea market treasures and upcycled furniture pieces as possible. In your bedroom, for example, you could put a dresser from the flea market that you’ve previously sanded down, colorfully painted and fitted with new drawer handles. A secondhand rattan sofa is sure to look great in your living room, providing ample space for cozy blankets and cozy pillows while costing only a fraction of a brand new sofa. Vintage stools with leather covers and gold studded embellishments will also support your creative living style.

Home accessories

Dwelling accessories allow you to express your individuality and brighten up your dwelling space completely in accordance with your preferences. You can’t go wrong with candles, especially lanterns, woven baskets, metal and glass boxes. A mix of old and new picture frames will make your loved ones’ photos stand out. Flower arrangements, whether real or not, and vases with delicate ornaments add extra splashes of color. Together with the decorations already mentioned above, you can create your very own style. With a very personal mix of flea market treasures, vacation souvenirs and modern products, your room will get a very special touch that is inimitable. There are no limits to your creativity and imagination – after all, that’s the quintessence of boho style!

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