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Unwind with music

Many people listen to music just to pass the time or to party. However, it is common knowledge that music has influences on your mental mood. Music can change your mood and enhance various emotions. However, only a few people know that the right music can work wonders on your mind and that the right acoustic sounds can give you an intense wellness experience. With us you will find everything about relaxation music including instructions and tips on how, when and where you should best listen to relaxation music.

What kind of music is relaxing?

In theory, you can relax to any music you like. However, in order for your relaxation to be profound, you should go for music with a slow tempo. The optimal speed is 60 beats per minute. In addition, the music should be steady and not have a sharp change in speed or volume. On the Internet, there are countless videos on which music for relaxation can be heard.

How does relaxation music work?

Relaxation music has been shown to have a positive effect on heart rate, brain waves and blood pressure. Harmonious and calm music stimulates our bodies to breathe deeply and slowly, contributing to overall relaxation. In addition, the heartbeat gradually adapts to the beats of the music. Therefore, these should also be lower than the pulse beat per minute. Furthermore, music stimulates our subconscious and has positive influences on our emotions. Just a few minutes of relaxing music is enough to put you into a deep state of relaxation. Of course, this only works if you allow it to and are not preoccupied with other things. Concentrate on the music and on your breath and you will notice how quickly your body and mind calm down. In the beginning it is normal to have many different thoughts going through your head. Don’t try to suppress these thoughts, just let them move on and focus on the music instead. Let the soft sounds flow through your body. While you are listening to the music, make sure that you are undisturbed and that your phone is set to silent. You should also create a pleasant atmosphere, lie down in a supine position and close your eyes. And don’t be afraid to fall asleep after a short time. Then you won’t hear the music anymore, but your body will get the energy it needs while you sleep.

When should I listen to music?

Music for relaxation can help you in many situations. For example, if you have trouble falling asleep, relaxing music can work wonders. By focusing on the music, thoughts that are racing around in your head and preventing you from falling asleep will be reduced. If you also focus on your breathing and relax your body as described above, it should be no problem to fall asleep within a few minutes. In addition, you can listen to music to relax in the bathtub or during other wellness activities to make them more intense. However, it doesn’t always take special circumstances to listen to relaxation music. You can also simply listen to it in your everyday life for a few minutes, in order to master challenges with new energy afterwards.