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Swimming Pool – Your Personal Outdoor Pool

The swimming pool as your retreat

A screechingly loud atmosphere, long lines, and water you’d best not even want to know exactly what’s floating in it. Outdoor pools are universally popular, but they also bring with them some inconveniences that can take the edge off the relaxation and fun you were hoping for. A better solution to cool off in hot summer months is a swimming pool. After all, what could be better than coming home after a long, stressful day at work and cooling off and relaxing right in your own swimming pool? A swimming pool has many advantages over outdoor pools. For example, you can regulate the water temperature yourself and you can be sure that the water is clean. Not surprisingly, then, a swimming pool is the dream of many garden owners.

Swimming pool is not equal to swimming pool

There are many different types of swimming pools. The cheapest swimming pools are the so-called quick up pools. They are very cheap and are very easy to assemble. They are usually round and come in many different sizes. Quick up pools are the most flexible swimming pools and can be placed almost anywhere. They also have a very low risk of injury to children due to the soft edges and material. Steel frame pools are slightly more expensive than quick-up pools and, depending on the design, can either be installed at ground level or embedded into the ground. Like quick-up pools, they do not require a building permit and are very easy to assemble. A steel frame swimming pool thus virtually combines the advantages of an in-ground pool with those of a masonry swimming pool. The most elegant but also by far the most expensive swimming pool variant are stainless steel pools. They look the most elegant and offer great flexibility in design. In addition, stainless steel swimming pools are particularly hygienic and easy to clean. Another plus point of stainless steel swimming pools is that the water warms up much faster than in all other pool variants.

Determine the shape and size

You should adjust the shape and size of your swimming pool to your personal needs and to the rest of your garden. For example, you should consider how many people will use the pool and whether it will be used primarily for splashing or swimming. Also, if you have small children, you should not make the pool too deep. In terms of shapes, oval and round swimming pools are the most popular. However, square swimming pools can also be seen in many gardens and offer advantages, for example, if you want to swim a lot in the swimming pool.

Your hot tub for home

Do I need a hot tub

One advantage of having your own backyard is that you can design it however you like. So why not put a hot tub in your backyard and enjoy a little water massage after a long day at work? Hot tubs are a great alternative to a traditional massage. So if you want to enjoy a massage every now and then and don’t want to make an appointment or leave your house for it, you should definitely think about buying a hot tub for your backyard. The advantage is that not only are you incredibly flexible, but you can also save quite a bit of money in the long run. Massages aren’t necessarily cheap, and you can use your hot tub whenever you want for free. Since hot tubs are heated, they can also be used on colder days. For anyone who wants to use their hot tub in the winter, there are even indoor hot tubs and various massage functions for hot tubs. A hot tub at home may not be a necessity for life, but this much is clear, anyone who owns a hot tub at home will certainly be very reluctant to give it up!

The Perfect Hot Tub for Me

With a hot tub, it’s like with most items, the choices seem endless. So if you are now thinking about buying a hot tub, we have a lot of information about all sorts of different hot tubs. We compare the advantages and disadvantages of each model and show you, for example, different massage functions and other great features of whirlpools. You will find different manufacturers and variations for every budget. Because even with a small budget you can make whirlpool dreams come true. We show you affordable models that still meet our relaxation standards and offer you the ultimate relaxation experience. This way, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect whirlpool for you and save yourself tedious research and hours of deliberation. Our product comparisons show you directly which product is the right one for you. Nothing stands in the way of your wellness oasis at home!

All for the health

A whirlpool is not only a great way to get a massage or recover from a busy and stressful day, but also good for your health. We’ll educate you on all the positive, health benefits of hot tubs and show you how to use your hot tub for a better immune system. For those of you who don’t have a hot tub, or don’t want one, we have great alternatives and inspiration on other ways you can practice wellness at home.