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Plants for your garden dream

Why do I need plants in my garden?

What would a garden be without the right plants? – Probably bare and sad. A lawn adds some greenery to your garden, but doesn’t do much to create an inviting atmosphere. This requires a variety of plants, preferably with flowers. The colors and different shades of green will loosen up the garden image and spread a positive mood. Hedges or bushes can also bring you a little closer to your garden dream. To find out which plants are right for you, you must first ask yourself what your requirements are for yourself and your garden. Each plant has different needs that need to be considered. If you want to try out your green thumb, we have summarized in this category all the important tips and tricks for flowers, trees, bushes and Co.

How do I find the right plants for me?

When choosing the right plants, it depends on various conditions. First, you should ask yourself how much time you want to invest in your garden. There are plants that are easier to care for than others. Especially with hedges, you need to be aware that they need to be trimmed regularly. Depending on the length of the hedge, this can take quite a bit of time. For those who can’t imagine pulling weeds in their flower beds in the summer, there is the option of creating stone beds. Stone beds are initially a little more expensive to buy, but they look great and save you a lot of time and effort afterwards. In addition, factors such as light and water are also crucial when it comes to choosing plants. You’ll find everything you need to know about garden plants, their care and planting here. We’ll also show you how to create different beds and what to consider.

Round off your Relax Feeling

Plants not only look visually beautiful, but they also fulfill a psychological effect. Whether it’s for your garden, patio, balcony or even your study, a plant will help you relax, recharge your batteries and lift your spirits. So the perfect garden lounger does not completely help you to relax, but it needs some additional factors to round off your relaxing feeling. Therefore, we have summarized many tips and various furnishing and design options for you to provide inspiration and help you realize your garden dream.