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The appropriate lighting

Conscious lighting

When it comes to lighting our home, we often give it little thought. We instinctively rely on the visual impact of light. But if you pay attention to the right lighting, you can do a lot for your well-being. Here we show you how to choose the right lighting. Your furniture by the right light in scene and create a feel-good oasis.

Direct or indirect lighting

The lighting of a room is based on different visual tasks. Depending on the activity, you need lighting that provides less or more brightness. The basic or main lighting is also called general lighting. The purpose of this lighting is to provide orientation and ensure uniform brightness throughout the room. To achieve even lighting, use ceiling and wall lights. This type of lighting creates indirect light on ceilings and walls. It is best to use lighting in the range of 2700 to 3300 Kelvin. These create a warm white and cozy light, allowing you to lift your mood late at night. Place lighting is suitable for matching specific areas to the visual tasks at hand. For example, at the dining table, make sure to use warm white lighting. In particular, pendant lights are ideal for the dining table. When mounting, the distance between the tabletop and the lower edge of the lighting should be about 80 to 100 centimeters. Another place lighting is the floor lamp. If you like to read on the sofa, then the floor lamp is perfect to illuminate the corner of the sofa and provides optimal reading comfort. By choosing the right floor lamp, you can fulfill your individual needs and desires.

Light play – That certain something extra

If you use only basic lighting in a room, it will look sterile and uncomfortable. To avoid creating an operating room atmosphere, you can create islands of light with weaker lighting. Experiment with the light and create a varied picture in the room. Only by casting shadows you give a room that certain extra. If you want to highlight your favorite decoration or a particular piece of furniture, don’t be afraid to experiment with lighting and light. Because it is true: light must unfold. This will highlight details and make colors shine. But don’t overdo it: because nothing irritates more than looking directly into the lighting. Therefore, when buying, make sure that the lighting is shielded.