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The dining room – A room for many purposes

Classic or Modern

Surely you have already thought about how your ideal dining room should look like. To find an answer to this is certainly not so simple, because each person has his own sensibilities. Regardless of the meaning of “perfect”, realize that the classic distribution of kitchen, dining room and living room is found in fewer and fewer households. Often the dining room is integrated directly into the living room or combined with an open kitchen. Due to such practical combinations, it is not surprising that the dining room is increasingly becoming the social center of the home. On the one hand, the dining room serves as a meeting place for the whole family. At a large table, people eat and talk to each other. In the afternoon, the children spread out to do their schoolwork there. In the evening, you then spend many hours in the dining room with friends, a bottle or four of wine and a never-ending round of Monopoly.

The dining room, where only?

The dining room should be cozy and multifunctional. Therefore, when decorating it, skillful hands and an aesthetic eye are required. Create a plan for yourself and decide whether to give the dining room its own room, or combine it with another room. Both options have great advantages. For example, if you integrate the dining room into your living room, you can visually separate the dining room and living room through wall design or perfectly coordinate them with each other. Especially if the dining room is located in a colorfully separated corner of the room, it looks very cozy and inviting. If, on the other hand, a separate room is available to you, you are somewhat freer in the design and have even more options. You can be creative and you don’t have to take into account other elements of the room outside the dining room. Regardless of where the dining room is ultimately located, you should coordinate the color choice of the walls with your dining room furniture and the spatial conditions.

The small dining room

The size of the dining room usually affects the furniture as well. If you have little space, there are a few things that can still make your dining room look bigger. A small extendable table is ideal to save space in everyday life. If friends come to visit, you can extend the table with a few handles. With the chairs you can have a big influence the amount of space you need. The best chairs for a small dining room do not have armrests. As comfortable as armchairs are, they take up a lot of space in the room and restrict movement. Likewise, you can save a lot of space by not having a large cabinet for the dishes. Instead, install an open dish rack on the wall and showcase your best cutlery there.

The large dining room

In a large dining room, the dining table often serves as an anchor point for other furniture pieces. Therefore, it’s best to center the dining table in the room. The chairs can feel free to be a bit more expansive if that suits your style. A large dining room can quickly look a bit empty. Therefore, use the remaining space for decorations and other pieces of furniture. You can put a nice buffet cabinet on any wall of the dining room. It is great for storing the “good dishes” and other table decorations. Also, the buffet cabinet offers a great opportunity to decorate food before serving it.