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Modern kitchen furnishings
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You want to furnish or remodel your kitchen? And do it in a particularly homely way? This will definitely make kitchen decorating fun!

Common kitchen design mistakes

Full countertop

Cooking requires space, and in many kitchens this is not provided because the countertop is cluttered with a coffee maker, toaster, or the like. Tip: Stow appliances you don’t use daily in the cupboard instead and use the free spacein your tidy kitchen for meal prep. Easy first step to furnish kitchen.

Back pain

Many electrical appliances, such as the oven or dishwasher, are installed too low, which is totally ergonomically unfavorable for us. If we constantly have to slouch to check on the pizza in the oven, this can have health consequences in the long run. Because, after all, none of us wants that, it’s advantageous, if you have the option, to prefer placing such appliances at eye level.

Storage space

Storage space is an important issue when you want to furnish kitchen, because after all, you have so many utensils that want to be stowed. Unfortunately, many know the problem and they do not know where to put all the accessories. Move things you don’t use on a daily basis to the basement and make room for the essentials in a kitchen: the everyday cutlery and on the food itself. A nice idea is to hang soup ladle or knives on the wall. This saves space and can also look decorative.

How to make your kitchen homey

Coming together

The dining table is an important place in the house, this is where people talk and get together. Accordingly, this place must also radiate this importance and look inviting. How do I achieve this? First of all, it is a good precondition to have comfortable chairs in which the resident or even the guest feels at ease. Whether thick upholstery or a wooden chair with fur, they decide. A nice alternative to chairs is to put a large bench at the dining table.

Balm for the eye

In a kitchen there should be order and cleanliness, that’s why closed kitchen cabinets are a good choice, however, you can also install an open shelf where you can showcase beautiful items that, at best, also exude personality. Whether it’s your grandmother’s cutlery, decorative bread bin or your favorite cookbooks, if it’s nicely arranged, it immediately gives the kitchen a more relaxed atmosphere.

Eye-catcher in the kitchen

A retro refrigerator, for example, can be a real eye-catcher. At this point, however, we are talking more about the little things. As an eye-catcher in the kitchen on the countertop, things are advantageous that are also practical, because our storage space is, after all, limited. If you buy a beautiful food processor in a bright color for your plain white kitchen, that totally pimps up your kitchen. Or instead of buying an ultra-modern scale, you can opt for one from the flea market that has real character. But the most important thing is that you like it yourself.


Also decoration may not be missing also in the kitchen furnishings, which can be changed in the twinkling of an eye. I’m talking about household textiles such as dryer sheets or potholders, which are usually in the kitchen and on which ehr less value is placed. But they alone can give the kitchen a new look. For example, you could opt for completely black textiles, where the color is also found in the chair cushions and tablecloth. The beauty starts in the details.


Modern open kitchen

Furnish kitchen – Essential (decorative) elements

The kitchen backsplash

It plays a major role in kitchen decorating not only for functional aspects. Besides the fact that it serves as a splashback, it significantly determines the look of the kitchen. There are many different ways to deal with it. For example, you can keep the fronts quite plain and instead highlight the back wall with a color that is behind a glass wall. Another idea would be to tile it for the purpose with strikingly patterned tiles. Marble or stone will provide a classy look and make the cooking landscape look high-end.


Good lighting is very important in the kitchen, otherwise I can’t really cook in the evening without accidentally cutting off a finger. And you also want to be able to read the recipe books well. For that reason, the countertop should be well lit by spotlights under the upper cabinets. If you don’t have upper cabinets in the kitchen, then you have room for beautiful pendant lights, which can become an essential furnishing element.


Since you need dish towels or aprons in the kitchen, they need a place to hang when in use. It is a nice idea to put hooks on the wall to hang the textiles there. Here you can be quite particular about the appearance of the hooks and how to hang them: Accurately next to each other, or else wildly distributed on a wall. They are a decorative object with many possibilities and contribute to the look of your kitchen.


A bit of green from nature brings freshness to the kitchen, making it look much more homey. There are a variety of kitchen herbs that you can also incorporate very well into your recipes. Here you can also choose a suitable flower pot and decide where the plants will get their place in the kitchen. For example, the windowsill is a good option. There they get enough light.

Cutting boards

If the wooden boards have been cleaned by hand after use in the sink, they are usually left to dry leaning against the kitchen back wall. It so happens that wooden cutting boards have become a decorative element in the kitchen. You can play with their shape and color and place them in the kitchen as you like. The wood will create coziness in your kitchen.


They are a kitchen accessory that does not have to disappear on the shelf. On etagères you can beautifully present things, such as fruit or the freshly baked muffins. They make your kitchen look homely relaxed, but still give it a touch of elegance. With the etagere itself, however, you also have an immense number of design options, because it is available in a wide variety of styles. Simple or showy – what do you favor?

Storage in the kitchen

Storage jars don’t necessarily have to languish in the cupboard either, if they also make a visual impact. They give the kitchen, if they are well integrated, a very homely character and show the guest that you like to cook. Otherwise, you wouldn’t bother putting ingredients from their packaging into specific jars. You also have a huge selection of styles when it comes to jars, from vintage to modern.

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