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Books to relax

Reading as a hobby

Good old book reading is not as present nowadays as it used to be, especially among younger people, due to the many electronic media. E-books on the tablet or notebook and Amazon’s “Kindle”, on the other hand, are very common. Nevertheless, reading classic books is and remains one of the most widespread hobbies. And yes, reading books is a hobby.

Books make you smart

Do only smart people actually read books or do books make them smart? That is not necessarily true. What is true, however, is the fact that reading promotes concentration. You take your time when reading and are not in a hurry. So to read through a book, concentration is absolutely necessary. Writing skills and vocabulary can also be improved by reading a book.

Books promote creativity

In addition to concentration and writing skills, reading books also promotes creativity. Reading stimulates the imagination, because here you have to imagine everything in your head instead of seeing pictures on the screen. Creativity is not only necessary for artists, but is rather an everyday skill that is also important in many professions.

Books reduce stress

Reading can provide relaxation after a stressful day at work. You simply escape stress by putting yourself in a dream world through reading. Reading can even be more relaxing than walking or listening to music, for example. The most important thing is that you become engrossed in something and thus forget your everyday life for a certain time.

The different genres

Books can be divided into different categories (called “genres”). In a crime novel, the focus is on a crime that needs to be solved. In a thriller, for example, the main character tries to survive life-threatening encounters. A romance novel is about the story of two people who love each other but face certain difficulties. Science fiction books are about a future that is different from our present, but takes place in the same world. In contrast, in fantasy novels, the story takes place in another world that is different from ours. Many of us know historical novels mainly from our German classes. These are based on events that really happened in the past. All these books and novels are classified as fictional literature. Non-fictional literature mainly includes non-fiction and technical books that tell factual stories about a certain topic. For relaxation, fictional literature is more suitable, for example, a novel that corresponds to one’s own taste. Some people like romance novels, while others prefer thrillers.