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Body care

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Body care – relax with the senses

What are the types of body care

There are different types of creams, for example, for the hand, for the face or for the body. These differ mainly in their composition and consistency. Depending on the skin type, you should choose a special cream, for example, moisturizing creams for people with dry skin. The most famous among all fragrances is definitely perfume. Many even wear this every day, as these fragrances smell good and are attractive. Some fragrances can even have a positive influence on our mood and increase well-being. That’s why fragrances can’t be missing when we talk about wellness and relaxation. Fragrances can be distinguished on the basis of two criteria. Fragrance intensity describes the strength and length of the effect. The scent effect describes the influences that act on the consumer.

The correct use of body care

When it comes to body care, there are a few things to keep in mind. To achieve long-term results through regular body care, daily implementation is recommended. The correct dosage of body care products also plays a role. In the case of fragrances, it should be noted that they are not too strong, otherwise they can also quickly have an unpleasant effect. So you should use your fragrances a little sparingly. In addition, you should not use too many different scents at the same time, because they do not always harmonize well with each other.


Not all creams are the same. As previously described, there are different types of creams. These are also very suitable for exfoliation, removing the superficial layers of the skin. Skin impurities and dead skin cells can thus be easily removed. A smooth and soft skin is the result. It is important that you make circular movements when applying the peeling. Peelings are usually used on the face. You only leave out the eyes and lips. After a few minutes of exposure, you can wash off the peeling with lukewarm water. There are different peels that can be used depending on the desired result, for example, donating moisture.


Masks are also part of a wellness experience. A distinction can be made between body masks and face masks. Unlike facial scrubs, facial masks provide an optimal supply of nutrients and active ingredients. They are also designed to protect the skin from stress and ideally lead to a mitigation of natural skin aging. How often you need to apply a mask depends on the area of application. Generally speaking, only a regular skin care routine has a positive and effective influence on the skin’s condition.