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Beauty night

Ingredients of a beauty evening: soaps, oil, flowers, towels
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Give your skin a makeover with a relaxing beauty night! We have 5 tips for you on how to beautify your evening and yourself!

Beauty night: beautiful from head to toe

Our skin fulfills numerous functions, such as protecting us from environmental influences and heat or driving our metabolism, among others. Therefore, we have to pay special attention to it. But sometimes everyday life with its countless obligations can seem overwhelming and beauty care comes up short. In such a case, a wellness day can work wonders. If you don’t have time for a complete “pamper yourself” day, a relaxing Beauty night is another option. We’ll show you how to get yourself in shape from head to toe. Stay tuned!

Step 1: Body brush and co.

On your beauty night, start with your body. Frequent showers stress our skin and it tends to become dry. Therefore, grab a body brush, apply your favorite shower gel and massage your skin with it. Exfoliating with a body brush stimulates blood circulation, therefore it works against cellulite and perfectly prepares your skin for creaming. For your face you can use special facial cleansing brushes. If you want to depilate your skin, you should do it after exfoliation. In order to avoid stubble for a longer period of time, I advise you to use cold or hot wax! Then soothe your skin with a fragrance-free body lotion and move on to the next step in your Beauty night program! Tip: Remove wax residues with a cloth soaked in body oil.

Step 2: Beautiful hair on your Beauty night

Of course, you can’t neglect your hair on a beauty night! Why not mix up a hair mask made of coconut oil, yogurt and the white of an egg and massage the mixture into a towel of dry hair. Then wash and continue with your hair care products, such as conditioner and hair treatment. Tip: Before you let your hair air dry or blow dry with a hair dryer that is gentle on your hair, it’s best to apply a hair serum or oil to the ends and work into the lengths of your hair. This way you avoid frizzy hair and dry ends. If you want to do something to your hairstyle, you can also straighten your hair or curl it with a straightening iron or curling iron.

Step 3: Facial scrubs and masks


On a beauty night, facial peels are simply a must. By removing dead skin flakes, your skin care products are better absorbed and work into the deeper layers of the skin, and your skin will thank you! There are facial peels that work with grains or on a chemical basis and there are sponges, among other things, with which you can also exfoliate your facial skin. For your Beauty night, I can only recommend chemical face scr ubs. They don’t have sharp grains that can injure the skin and cause rashes, underground pimples, etc. Moreover, chemical face scrubs are also used for skin conditions like acne, dry skin and even for anti-aging. And although chemical face scrubs have many benefits, if you don’t have any experience, you should start with a very low and mild formulation. Slowly and step by step, feel your way to higher concentrations and increase the number of applications per week. Be sure to apply the scrub only in the evening, avoiding the mouth and eye area. Your skin will feel soft to the touch! Now your skin has been perfectly prepared for your Beauty night!


Now try it out with your favorite moisturizing mask or create your own! I’ve put together two recipes for you that I personally think are effective! For the more dry facial skins: a turmeric yogurt face mask. For the more oily facial skins: a turmeric-honey face mask. Mix 2 tablespoons of organic yogurt or Manuka honey together with a pinch of turmeric (the darker your complexion, the more you may use) and apply the mask evenly to your facial skin. These face masks are real thirst quenchers for your skin. Your skin will be hydrated after the treatment and at the same time turmeric reduces dark discoloration and pimple marks (hyperpigmentation) on the skin. Yogurt and honey are also great for hyperpigmentation as well as fine lines. These masks are also suitable for those who suffer from acne!

Step 4: No Beauty night without a pedicure!

A Beauty night is not complete if your feet are disregarded! For your foot care, pour a tub full of pleasantly hot water and add foot bath additives. You can also resort to essential oils, such as tea tree oil, which also has disinfectant properties! And now it’s time to relax for 15 minutes! Afterwards, you can massage your feet with a foot brush. This stimulates blood circulation, removes dead skin flakes and makes your feet wonderfully soft again! Just apply a foot cream and your feet will look better again!

Step 5: Rough hands adé

Last but not least, care for your hands is missing from your Beauty night. Apply a good amount of hand cream or oil of your choice to your hands and put on cotton gloves. This way, the care is absorbed well and you will have soft hands afterwards! Especially this point you can easily take from your Beauty night into your everyday life, for example in the form of a body care routine.

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