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Lighting in kitchen - halogen ceiling lights and lamps that create a bright space
Creative DiY decoration on wooden table with flowers, candles and cutlery
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Decoration – decoration times different

More than just decoration

Do you want to give your apartment more charm and personality, it is the small but beautiful things that help you. Deco comes in many varieties. Whether candles, vases or pillows – many things are possible. With the right decoration you express your personality and make your four walls a real home. To achieve a beautiful and stylish result, you have many options. On this page we will give you tips on which decorations and furnishings you can use to create real value in your home.

Decorating ideas

Whether it’s the living room couch or the bed in the bedroom, use lots of pillows to create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. If you don’t have enough pillows to create a voluminous impression, you can trick it a bit. For example, you can fold up towels and use them as a base for the floor. Then you put your pillows on it and create the impression of having many pillows on the sofa or bed. This makes it much cozier and saves money. Another decorating tip is to use bedspreads. Bedspreads literally invite you to fall in and can be very well matched to the overall look. If you have different bedspreads, you can quickly give your room a different feel. A tray is also an excellent decoration. Not only on the table a tray looks decorative and useful. You can also put the tray wonderfully decorative on the bedspread and put all kinds of useful things, such as a pot of tea, jewelry and flowers.

Style and number is crucial

When it comes to decoration, you should stick to one color direction or style direction as well. If you are modern furnished, use also modern decoration. If you mix several styles in the decoration, then it may happen that this rather oppressive effect on you and can disturb the concentration. Often the principle applies, less is more, but it looks a little different with decoration. Whether you use photos, vases, candles and pillows, they always look most impressive in combinations of 3 or 5.