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The fireplace – Warm and cozy

Which fireplace can it be?

Are you one of the lucky ones who own your own fireplace or would like to buy one in the future? Then we give you here a little insight into the proper handling. If you are thinking about getting a fireplace, you should consider the fireplace like any other piece of furniture. Therefore, when choosing a fireplace, it is crucial whether it fits with your other furnishings. A fireplace that harmoniously integrates into the room is important for a beautiful overall picture. Therefore, first of all, ask yourself the question where the fireplace will be located in the future. Different fireplaces have different heating values, so choose a fireplace that is suitable for the space available in the room. It is important that you take into account the distance to combustible materials and furniture when planning. Broadly speaking, there is a distinction between convection stoves and radiant stoves. The radiant oven has a centered heat distribution, where the heat is emitted rather selectively. Therefore, the distance to combustible materials must be greater than for convection ovens. The convection oven provides better heat distribution over a wider area. Therefore, this can be placed closer to combustible materials, making room for other furniture.

What wood is suitable for the fireplace

The logs should fit crosswise in the fireplace. If you stack the wood high like a fireplace, it will burn down faster and lose effectiveness. Use good quality wood for your fireplace. This not only pays off in heating, but also creates a nice lambent flame. The effectiveness and length of the burning time depends largely on the wood used. To avoid strong smoke development, only use wood that has been stored in an airy and dry place for at least two to three years. However, if the wood is stored for too long, it will lose its burning value. The best wood for your fireplace is hardwood. This wood comes from deciduous trees such as ash, beech, birch or oak. If you burn ash, you’ll have a small flame with lots of sparks. Beech creates a beautiful blue flame in the fireplace and develops a lot of embers, which glows for a long time. For this reason, beech is also considered the best firewood.

How does everything stay clean?

To keep the fireplace and the glass clean for as long as possible, place the firewood as close to the back wall of the fireplace as possible. To keep soot formation low, you should not burn treated wood or soft wood. Too much soot creates dangerous fine dust and makes cleaning the fireplace more difficult. When lighting the fire, do not use newspaper, but use stove lighter or small wood chips. The printing ink produces toxic fumes, which are not only harmful to health, but also cause greater pollution. It is not without reason that lighting with newspaper is prohibited by the Immission Control Act. After a few uses of the fireplace, the pane will still be dirty sooner or later. Therefore our tip: This is where the newspaper comes into play again. Soak it in water and dip it in ash. Now you can polish the pane without any problems. Finally, clean with water and the fireplace pane looks like new.