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The ideal cold winter garden for your home

Do I need a winter garden?

You want to be able to sit outside comfortably even on windy and cold days? Then a cold conservatory is just what you need. A winter garden offers the advantage that it is completely closed. You are protected from wind and rain, no matter from which direction they may come. A winter garden is especially suitable if you find a suitable place with two house walls. This way, both walls give off heat into the conservatory and you can stay there for a longer time even on cooler days. In addition, you save so material input in the construction of your conservatory. A cold conservatory can also be built already with a house wall. You should only be aware that this is then somewhat colder, since less heat can be released into the room. The question of whether you need a winter garden is difficult to answer. But if you already have a suitable spot on your property and still want to be “outside” on rainy, gray days, you should definitely consider a cold winter garden. To shed some light on the question “Why winter garden?”, we have summarized all the relevant information that can help you make a decision.

Well planned is half built!

Once you have made the decision to build a conservatory, you are also faced with the next challenge. Planning your own cold conservatory can be quite overwhelming. In our articles you will find all the important information about planning conservatories. We explain the differences between different types of conservatories, different materials and support you in the further planning of your dream conservatory.

Furnishing tips and inspiration for your cold conservatory

Who already owns a conservatory or at least plans to build one, must of course also furnish it. Here, of course, the size and location of the conservatory play a major role. Even in smaller conservatories can, with a few little tricks, true miracles are accomplished. With us you will find numerous articles for the furnishing and design of your cold conservatory. Let our ideas inspire you and turn your visions into reality. By giving your conservatory your personal touch, you will create a relaxing and resting area that is at the same time in nature. You get the feeling of being outdoors, can soak up the sun and thus vitamin D, and get energized for everyday life. On the way to your dream conservatory we support you wherever we can. From the first research, to the planning, to the furnishing – we cover all areas and provide you with information as well as numerous design and decorative ideas for your perfect cold conservatory.