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Woman makes a dish from vegetables in the kitchen for quick weight loss
Woman makes a dish from vegetables in the kitchen for quick weight loss

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Right Nutrition – Our Daily Bread

What’s in your food?

Everyone talks about healthy eating all day and everyone claims something different. At Home & Relax, we summarize for you all the rules that can be derived from this nutritional chaos. Healthy nutrition is not that difficult. On food packages it is often only written how much protein, carbohydrates and fat are contained in the food. However, there is much more to food. Vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants and ingredients, some of which have been little researched. Dietary fiber, for example, was considered a superfluous component of food for a very long time. Hence the name dietary fiber. Since the seventies, dietary fiber is considered by more and more scientists as an important component of the diet.

The right diet

Fats in food are not always bad. There are good fats and bad fats, so to speak. A certain amount of saturated and of unsaturated fatty acids is essential for survival in the diet and helps you stay physically and mentally fit. Natural food is many times healthier than fat in processed products. Therefore, it is better to use fat sources such as nuts, olives and avocados. Because natural fat stimulates the metabolism and is a real pound killer. Of course, it’s not always easy to do, but try cutting out French fries, salami and bacon in your diet. Another nutrient is carbohydrates. They come in two forms in our diet. Complex carbohydrates are processed slowly by the body. The longer it takes the body to metabolize the food, the longer they keep you full and the less your blood sugar levels rise. The worst form of carbohydrate is pure white sugar. This causes the sugar level to rise and is processed very quickly. This makes you want more food again very quickly. Therefore, it is better to eat carbohydrate-rich food in the form of wholemeal bread, brown rice and wholemeal pasta. Basically, the less sweets you eat, the better. The sugar your body needs is already ingested through your normal diet anyway. Sweets are not food but stimulants.

Eat fresh and varied food

Two simple rules you should follow: 1. For a healthy diet, you should eat food in its natural state. The more processed it is, the less vitamins and fiber and trace elements it contains. A simple example: an apple is better than an apple turnover and fresh fish is better than fish sticks. 2) Your diet should be as varied as possible. For this reason, you can experiment a lot with your diet. If you eat burgers and chips every day, it is unhealthy. However, if you eat only broccoli and rice every day, this is also not healthy and leads to permanent deficiency symptoms. Dietary rules are not prohibitions but recommendations. Therefore, it is not necessary to give up everything you like just because it might be unhealthy. If you really feel like a crispy curry sausage or a liter of cola, then indulge yourself. The key is that this doesn’t happen every day. Therefore: Healthy nutrition has nothing to do with stuffiness. And it means just as little as eating only dry muesli and fruit.