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High protein foods

Protein rich foods mixed in a bowl to make a salad
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We present you our top 5 protein rich foods and great preparation tips. Popeye can pack it in, here come our protein bombs.

What are High protein foods for?

High protein foods are simply an all-rounder for your body. Namely, protein is responsible for maintaining cells and building cells. Carbohydrates and healthy fats are also important for your body, but through our daily food intake we often do not get our daily protein needs met. However, this is essential for your body, especially if you are also exercising. Because you also want to build muscles or maintain your muscles.

How much protein do I need?

Basically, it always depends on your height and your weight. However, to get a rough idea, it is said that your body weight multiplied by 1.8 equals your protein needs per day. So if you weigh 70kg, you should consume between 100 and 126 grams of protein. However, the more exercise you do, the more protein your body needs – a major reason why many athletes turn to protein powders. So if you do little to no sports, then you do not need 120 grams of protein, but for example only 90 grams. However, many people find it a problem to reach their daily protein intake, especially on low-carb diets like the ketogenic diet. But it doesn’t have to be difficult, because many foods that we often eat in between meals in our daily lives are already true protein bombs.

6 High-Protein Foods That Are Super Healthy

2 wraps with protein rich foods like turkey as filling

Our top 5 of high protein foods

Rank 5: Lentils

For those who are not so fond of meat, lentils are almost perfect. One third here consists of pure protein. In addition, they contain a lot of folic acids, which are excellent for your metabolism. As a recipe we recommend a lentil bulgur salad. Super tasty and easy to prepare. This is enough for the fifth place of High protein foods.

Place 4: Broccoli

Granted broccoli doesn’t have much protein compared to turkey or eggs. But compared to other vegetables, broccoli is clearly a frontrunner. Because it has practically no carbohydrates and as already mentioned, relatively many proteins. Vitamin C and K are of course also not missing and in addition, the small green trees are also rich in fiber.

Place 3: Turkey breast fillet

Turkey breast fillets are super suitable for diets. Little fat and still rich in protein. Even more, turkey is a little cheaper compared to chicken. A super tasty recipe, which I personally would also recommend, are turkey breast wraps. Simply lay out the wraps and smear with cream cheese. Add a little tartar sauce and lettuce and then add slices of turkey breast as desired. Now roll everything up tightly and cut into slices – the healthy snacks are ready. You can find more great recipes for dishes with turkey in pretty much any good fitness cookbook.

2nd place: Low-fat curd cheese

Especially for the athletes among you, low-fat quark is simply indispensable. The casein it contains can be used by the body for a long time and is therefore perfect for the evening. If you take low-fat quark in the evening, your body can process the numerous proteins particularly well overnight. In addition, low-fat curd naturally satiates immensely. For many, however, low-fat quark is too dry and too flat in the mouth. Therefore, simply add a little milk and the quark becomes much creamier. If you want, you can also order so-called flavor drops. They are available in a wide variety of flavors. Just add 1-2 drops to the curd and your curd will taste like strawberry, vanilla or chocolate. Of course without any harmful substances.

Place 1: Chicken eggs

Yes, who would have thought…eggs actually have good protein in them. But what you didn’t know, eggs have the highest biological value(100/100). This is sort of a unit for protein rich foods. So if the biological value is very high, then you can be sure that your body can utilize the contained protein almost completely. In addition, eggs contain many omega 3 fatty acids and rich amino acids that our body can not produce itself. Thus deservedly topping our list of High protein foods.

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