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Free time

DiY craftsman sanding a chair he made himself
Girl playing in the garden with bubbles
Play & Fun
Friends relaxing outside in the garden in front of a grill talking, laughing and having fun with each other
Big whirlpool with couches around it in the garden
Man with hat relaxing or sleeping in hammock

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Free time

In our category “Leisure” you get a lot of tips around the topic outdoor. We summarize here everything that can not be assigned to any of the other categories, but is still very worth reading and should be interesting for many people and contribute to relaxation and relaxation.

DiY tips for everyone

DiY started as a small trend and is now very widespread. Especially in the garden, more and more people are turning to DiY instead of buying garden products. The reason is simple: building something yourself in your spare time fills you with far more happiness than simply buying something from the store. We’ll give you lots of helpful tips to quickly become a DiY master yourself and beautify your garden. For example, we explain step by step how to create your own rock garden or vegetable garden. You don’t need any previous knowledge, just some free time, patience and good will. Through DiY, you will become more crafty and gain new self-confidence.

Grilling as a leisure pleasure for the stomach

Sitting outside together in nice weather and eating something delicious – grilling is very trendy. Since you sit outside, the food gets a much greater closeness to nature than in your own kitchen. However, many people don’t know how to grill properly and in a way that is safe for their health. In the category “Grilling” we introduce you to many different grills and go into their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, we give you tips and tricks on grilling, so that nothing can go wrong with your next barbecue and you can enjoy a delicious meal in the fresh air with the right grill.

Play & Fun – recreational fun for the little ones and the big ones

You know when your kids want to play with you, but you just can’t find a game they both enjoy equally? Or maybe you want to play something with another adult, but you just can’t think of the right game? Then you’ve come to the right place. In our Play & Fun category you will find outdoor games for young and old. We give you lots of fun ideas on how to spice up your free time with cool outdoor games. You will also find suitable products for these games. Furthermore, we summarize already known and popular free time games for you, but also explain newer games that are not yet very well known. With this collection, there should be something for everyone, so that nothing stands in the way of a fun and relaxing day in your own garden.