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Balcony ideas like table and flowers
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With these summer balcony ideas, you won't want to leave your balcony. Turn your balcony into your very own summer paradise!

Create a feel-good oasis with these balcony ideas

Summer is here. What’s missing now is the perfect place to enjoy the sun’s rays or the cozy evening hours. With our balcony ideas, your balcony will become a real summer oasis. Whether with friends or family, the balcony is the perfect place to forget the stress of everyday life and enjoy life. Even if you spend your summer at home, with these ideas you can enjoy your vacation on the balcony.

Balcony idea 1: Culinary

General information

A perfect summer evening, of course, includes the right food. So the right barbecue must not be missing on your summer balcony in any case. Whether for garden parties with friends or a cozy barbecue with the family, the grill for the balcony is a real must. However, you should take care not to forget the consequences for your neighbors when making your choice. Smoke and strong odors do not go down well with the neighbors. That’s why we advise against charcoal grilling for the balcony and recommend the gas or electric grill. Another tip is to use aluminum trays. This way, no liquids or marinades can get into the grill when you put your food on it. First of all, this makes cleaning the grill easier and prevents unpleasant smoke or odors.

The gas grill: for the real barbecue experience

This grill model is perfect for your balcony. It produces hardly any smoke or odors, so your neighbors will hardly notice your barbecue. Still, it gives you the real barbecue feeling and adds a delicious aroma to the food. Another advantage over the charcoal grill is the short time it takes to preheat. In addition, there are already small models that even fit on your balcony table. Thus, this type of grill is super suitable even for smaller balconies. However, gas grills are often a bit more expensive than electric grills and also require gas, which you can buy in cartridges at the gas station.

The electric grill: practical and tasty

The electric grill is perfect for grilling with children. Since there is no open flame, this grilling method is very safe. However, it also doesn’t necessarily give you the right grilling feeling and the aroma can’t be compared to a charcoal grill. Nevertheless, it is a very practical alternative. There are hardly any odors or annoying smoke and it is ready for use immediately after switching on. Simple electric grills are available for as little as 30€, so it’s worth trying out this grill alternative. Similar to the gas grill, the electric grill takes up extremely little space and for the most part it can even be operated on the table. A big advantage over the other grills is that no extra gas or extra coal is needed. You just have to plug the grill into the outlet and the grilling fun can begin.


Woman sits in sitting area made of euro pallets

Balcony idea 2: Cozy

The right furniture to relax

To enjoy the sunny hours on your balcony, the right deck chair or a cozy seating area is indispensable. There are many different models, all of which bring different advantages and disadvantages. With these 3 balcony ideas, your balcony will become a summer paradise.

Sitting area made of euro pallets

A now widely used balcony idea for relaxing is a seating area made of Euro pallets. It is not only extremely comfortable, but also looks particularly stylish. In addition, there are many do-it-yourself instructions on how you can easily and inexpensively build your own individual seating area. A big advantage here is that you can adjust the size and color of the seating area perfectly to your balcony.

Outdoor hammock for your balcony

For the ultimate relaxation oasis, an outdoor hammock is the perfect alternative. Here you can enjoy the sun together with your friends and let your soul dangle. In another article we have compared different models and created a product guide to help you find the perfect outdoor hammock for you. If the space on your balcony is not enough to stretch a hammock, a hanging chair is a space-saving alternative in which you can relax at least as well from the stress of everyday life.

Isabelle Palmer, The Balcony Gardener on planting in small spaces

Woman holding flower pot on balcony

Balcony idea 3: Green

Green oasis in the city

After a hard day’s work in the city, you’re looking to relax on your balcony. With our balcony ideas, you can forget the stress of everyday life here and simply switch off. This works especially well when you are surrounded by a little nature. So the right plants can transform your balcony into a green oasis that you do not want to leave so quickly. It is important that you know which direction your balcony faces. Not all plants tolerate all day sun or need just these hours of sun, so this is a crucial factor in plant selection. You can find more helpful information about the right plants for your balcony at Schöner Wohnen.

Flowers and plants for the not so green thumb

Everyone knows it. You plant a whole bunch of new flowers and a week later they’ve already dried up. Here you’ll find the right plants that you can’t go wrong with. If you have a sunny south-facing balcony, it’s best to plant geraniums, lavender or petunias. All of these varieties can handle a lot of sun and don’t require a lot of water, so they’re perfect for beginners. On a rather shady north balcony, fuchsias, begonias and male chaff grow very well. Since they would dry out in full sun, this is the perfect place for them. Climbing plants are a beautiful and natural alternative to create a shade and light protection on your balcony. Black-eyed Susanne, sweet pea and climbing petunia are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Your own vegetable patch on your balcony

With this balcony idea, you can not only turn your balcony into a small jungle, but also put your balcony to good use. There are a few things you should consider before sowing. For example, it is recommended to plant real vegetables only on southeast or southwest balconies. If you have a north-facing balcony and don’t want to do without your own vegetable patch, herbs are a very good alternative. These are happy even with little sun and give your dishes a delicious touch. Also, you should use large plant pots that hold at least 10 liters and enrich the soil with compost beforehand. A couple of vegetables are especially good for beginners. Carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers love the sun and grow especially well here. On this website you will find more information for your first vegetable patch.

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