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Workroom – More than just a workplace

Your study, your kingdom

Many associate the study with something makeshift. When one thinks of a study, one often imagines a cold and sterile room. Or else, one thinks of a chaos overflowing with work and leaves. However, there is another way. Whether you’re one of the lucky ones who has a home office or you simply need an extra room for the work you do every day, the principle is: pay as much attention to your study as you do to the rest of your home. With a few tricks, your study will become a quiet and creative retreat where you can manage your daily tasks and let your creativity run wild.

Basic things to consider for the study

You may think that a table, a chair and a laptop are perfectly enough for the design of the study. But far from it. To feel comfortable and save your health, there are basic things you should consider. Make sure you have the right lighting. Warm and bright light has a positive effect on your mood and makes you less tired at work. A study flooded with daylight will help you concentrate better and complete your tasks more effectively. But be careful not to be blinded. This damages your eyes and can lead to poor posture and tension. The right chair and table are also very important. If you spend only two hours a week in the study, a simple stool is enough. However, if you spend more time there, an ergonomic office chair is essential for good posture. When it comes to the desk, look for functionality. By being able to adjust the height, you can adapt the table to your body size. Likewise, integrated storage space is advantageous to avoid chaos in the study.

Embellish your room

After you have considered the basics in your study, deal with the decorative elements. If you work in a beautiful environment, time will fly by. Motivate yourself with the right color scheme. Feel free to experiment with bright colors, because they have a great influence on our emotional fluctuations. Therefore, use mainly light colors in the study. These visually enlarge the space and do not seem as constricting as dark colors. Fill your study with life. Plants improve the room climate and make your study look much more homely. To be able to work efficiently, pay attention to your order. Cabinets and sideboards help you to keep order and still have everything within reach. Through unusual design, furniture is also ideally suited to set highlights in the study.