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Setting up a home office at home can be a bit of a challenge. We'll show you what to look for to successfully work from home.

Setting up a home office – But how?

A home office is essential for anyone who wants to work from home. Or have you really ever managed to work really effectively on the couch in your living room – with the TV and other distractions in close proximity? Even if you’re freer in the home office in terms of time allocation and can plan breaks as you like, in the end you still have to perform well and meet all deadlines – no matter if you’re self-employed, freelancer or employee. This often turns out to be more difficult than you might initially think, because the risk of distraction is simply much greater within your own four walls. The warm bed in the morning, the unmade household and the half-read book are suddenly tempting alternatives to work. There’s also no boss at home to catch you playing with your phone or regularly check your progress, so a lot of self-discipline and stamina is required to stay productive. However, having the right workspace and atmosphere can help tremendously in getting one’s work done quickly and thoroughly. Working better at home and living better at home go hand in hand for home workers. That’s why we’ve put together some practical tips for anyone who plans their own home office setup, which will make working from home a whole lot easier.

The right equipment

A nicely furnished and well-equipped workplace motivates and boosts morale. Typical “office diseases” such as cramps in the shoulders and neck, tension headaches or tendonitis can also be prevented with suitable ergonomic equipment and know-how. That’s why for a home office setup it’s important to choose furniture and furnishings that make working as comfortable as possible. We’ll show you what to look for when setting up your own high-quality home office.


The desk chair is the most important piece of furniture, because this is where you will probably spend most of your time in the home office. In order to optimally support your body while sitting and prevent tension and posture damage, an ergonomic chair is essential. Therefore, when buying, make sure that the seat height, backrest and armrests are all individually adjustable.


Another important purchase decision for anyone who wants to set up a home office is the purchase of a desk. This, too, needs to be height adjustable to make working as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. For anyone who works a lot on a laptop or computer, it’s important to adjust the desk so that the armrests form a line with the tabletop. In this way, bending of the arms while typing can be avoided and joints, tendons and nerves are protected.


The screen should be positioned at eye level and at least an arm’s length away from you. If you use laptops and tablets frequently, a laptop stand is essential for optimal alignment. Tension in the shoulder and neck area can be prevented and you will be more productive for longer.


The main light source for artificial lighting should always come from above, as this is most likely to be considered natural. Studies show that blue-enriched light makes you more alert and productive than white light. Lamps that can be dimmed depending on the lighting conditions are perfect for targeted desk lighting. If you’re dealing with too much light the other way around, a sunshade blind can help.

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Essentials for a home office setup

Desk chair

For anyone who sits a lot, a quality chair is very important for health and productivity. The seat height, backrest and armrests should be adjustable so that the lower and upper legs form a right angle when sitting, as do the upper and lower arms. An integrated rocker function supports the back by catching every movement and moving dynamically with it.

Desk lamp

A high-quality lamp is essential for illuminating the desk. Different color temperatures or brightness levels make it easier to adjust the lighting conditions as needed, which is easy on the eyes. Lamps with a touch-sensitive surface are particularly practical, as the brightness can be adjusted quickly and easily without having to search for the switch for a long time.

Desk organizer

A desk organizer helps you keep your desk tidy and organized. The various integrated compartments and pencil holder provide space for pens, highlighters, erasers and paper clips. Loose papers or notepads can be stored in the back. An organizer, for example made of bamboo, can also be a nice decorative element.


A whiteboard is perfect for visualizing complicated contexts or sorting ideas and thoughts. It is especially practical if the whiteboard can be used for writing and is also magnetic at the same time. Thus, it can be used as a memo board, pin board or presentation wall.

Design and motivation through good furnishing

But of course, for most, in addition to the appropriate functional equipment, the design of the workplace should not be neglected. Those who plan a home office setup must therefore find the right balance for themselves between inspiring decorative elements and minimalist furnishings that do not distract. On the whole, however, the home office should be a place where you want to spend time and a few appealing pictures and plants should therefore not be missing. A good solution, for example, are monochrome decorative stickers. These can make a room more interesting in a very simple way and have a very low distraction potential. Also useful office items like desk organizers can be real eye-catchers and at the same time prevent pen chaos on the table. For those who need inspiration to work with, hanging idea boards or collages should not be overlooked when setting up a home office. A collection of photos, newspaper clippings or motivational sayings can create the perfect atmosphere. Whiteboards are also great for capturing new ideas, creating to-do lists or structuring thought processes to motivate you to keep working. We recommend the monocot as the perfect office plant, as this plant has been proven to filter pollutants such as acetone and benzene from the air and is very easy to care for.

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