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Garden furniture with sofa, cushions, rattan, plants, tubs and curtains
Garden furniture
Plants and small pond with stones in garden
Dark table with various kinds of fruits & vegetables photographed from above
Fruits & Vegetables

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Garden – turn it into your oasis of well-being

Many people associate a garden with a lot of work. Yet a properly designed garden is so much more. It can be used by children to play, for barbecues, to throw garden parties, to work outside in the fresh air or to simply relax. No matter what you use your garden for, it should be suited to your needs and fit your personality. Because if it is, you’ll feel incredibly comfortable in the garden and consider it an extension of your living room. When designing your garden, you have many different options and you should consider some factors. On our pages you will find everything you need to know about the topic “garden” and how to design it according to your individual needs and perfectly fit your personality.

Garden furniture – which ones suit my garden?

Garden furniture is essential for your garden. It has a great impact on the atmosphere of the garden and significantly determines what activities can be performed in the garden. The choice of suitable garden furniture you should of course adapt to your own taste, keeping in mind especially the size of the garden. A garden that is too crowded can quickly become uncomfortable, so “less is more” usually applies here. You should also ask yourself what the garden will be used for and adapt garden tools and furniture accordingly. In the category “Garden furniture” you will find a lot more help on how to choose the right garden furniture and recommendations on how to properly design your garden for your needs.

Fruits & Vegetables – Gardening that’s fun

If you want to be more active in your garden, you can either turn your whole garden or just a small area of your garden into a vegetable patch. Creating a vegetable patch does involve some work, but it will pay off very quickly. By gardening and watching the fruits and vegetables grow throughout the year, you’ll get a much closer connection to your garden and to nature. Plus, you’ll benefit from a vegetable patch by getting delicious, free fruits and vegetables that are guaranteed to be toxin-free. In the “Fruits&Vegetables” category, we explain everything you need to know about planting fruits and vegetables in your garden and show you step by step how to create a sprouting vegetable patch with little work and soon you won’t have to go to the supermarket to buy vegetables.

Plants – the soul of the garden

Plants make your garden come alive. They give it different colors, creating a cozy atmosphere. Before you think about what plants to put in your garden, you should first realize that plants have different needs. Some plants are easier to care for, while others require more intensive care. In addition, there are hardy plants that survive the whole year and plants that bloom beautifully only in the summer. So when choosing plants, you should think about how you want your garden to look at what time of year and choose them based on those criteria. In the category “Plants” we have summarized many different types of plants for you and give many tips on which plants go well together and which do not.