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Create diy garden decor

Garden decoration like candles, hanging chair and basket
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With tips, tricks and ideas, we show you here how to Create diy garden decor to give your garden a very personal touch!

Create diy garden decor – for every garden/balcony

Garden decoration doesn’t necessarily mean you need a garden. Even on your balcony, it can help make your green oasis of well-being even more inviting. Whether you want to buy ready-made decorations or make your own garden decoration is up to you. In addition to tips and tricks, we would like to introduce you to some ideas on how you can easily make garden decorations yourself and thus create real eye-catchers! Natural wood, metal, playful, colorful or Asian – there is the perfect decoration for every garden! Create diy garden decor was never easier.

Here’s what you should know if you want to Create diy garden decor

Different materials

For garden decorations are particularly suitable natural materials such as wood, twigs, leaves or stones, with which you can easily emphasize the natural charm of your garden. But also metal, whether high-gloss or with stainless steel, is ideal for use in your garden because of its robustness. If you want your decoration to stand permanently in the garden and not just conjure up small eye-catchers for a garden party, then it should of course also be weatherproof and stand securely so that nothing can fly through the area in strong winds. With wind chimes, for example, it is very important at what height they hang and that you can quickly remove them in a storm so that they do not break.

Garden decoration in all shapes and colors

With bright colors, unusual cuts and, for example, colorful artificial beads, you can give your decoration a personal touch and thus also easily enhance purchased decorations. Whether modern and chic, natural or minimalist – there is something for every taste, whether you want to Create diy garden decor or buy them. Basically, though, we recommend that you limit yourself to a certain color scheme or only a few high-quality decorations, because too many different elements can quickly make your garden look smaller. If possible, you should also try to use only one style, because a colorful mixture can quickly look chaotic.

Plan ahead

So you should do some planning ahead of time so you can really make sure how your decorations work together. Large objects, such as sculptures or fountains, are ideal at the edge of a path or at the end of a line of sight, while smaller elements should be clustered or aligned with larger objects. You can also half-hide small wooden figures in bushes or place them around your garden pond with some nice stones and a garden lamp.

Decorations with practical use

Garden decorations include not only pretty eye-catchers like figurines, lamps or lanterns, but also objects like birdhouses or sundials that have a practical use. With a nesting box you can offer birds a cozy home and protect them from cats or maggots. A nesting box should ideally be hung freely in the shade or partial shade at a height of 2-3 meters and oriented so that the entrance hole faces southeast. You can also redesign a bee trough into a cute little fairy garden and replant it with bee-friendly plants so that you can also provide a resting place for the small beneficial insects.

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Small plant pots with plants inside as garden decoration

Create diy garden decor – ideas for every taste

Use plants as decoration

What could be more obvious than simply using plants to decorate your garden? Bright yellow, romantic red or deep blue – a lush bloom makes your garden gorgeous. Whether you put them in the bed or in the tub, you should arrange the plants correctly from the beginning. You should not only pay attention to a harmonious color combination, but also to the effect of the respective colors. For example, white flowers look noble and calm, while blue plants can even visually enlarge your garden if you plant them towards the back. Yellow blossoms make your garden look smaller, red blossoms look dominant, but also romantic to a certain extent. Alternatively, you can also plant everything in a colorful mix to create a particularly lively atmosphere.

Upcycling: Make new from old!

Here you can let your imagination run wild and use basically everything for everything! For example, your old kitchen colander can become a hanging basket, a rusty rod can become a climbing aid, a can can become a lantern and old pots can become flower pots. The so-called “upcycling” can be implemented in your garden quite outstanding. Old tree roots, small boulders and beautiful pebbles can also be easily used as decoration or even piled up to form low stone walls. Along with freshly picked flowers, autumn leaves are among the most beautiful garden decorations and can be arranged into bouquets, arrangements or figurines that you can place next to your hammock, for example.

Lights as garden decoration

Since lights and fireplaces create a particularly atmospheric atmosphere, they are ideal for decorating your garden. Whether you choose LED, halogen or solar lights or fairy lights, or prefer natural flames in the form of fire bowls, candles or torches, lights will bring your garden to life at night! For example, you can put individual solar lights between shrubs or spread candles on a wall. If you want to highlight certain objects, you can use special spotlights that you can turn in all possible directions and thus easily align. However, it is very important that the lights do not dazzle, otherwise the cozy atmosphere is gone very quickly.

Wooden decoration for the garden

Wood is still one of the most popular materials used in the manufacture of garden decorations. The natural look and somehow classic look of wood give your garden a very special charm. Wood can be transformed into decorations in a variety of ways and can look both very rustic and very modern. If you’re in the mood for a larger project, why not build a garden path out of wooden planks or a patio sofa out of a Euro pallet. But even simple wooden logs, single branches or wooden discs and roots can help you make your garden more interesting.

Metal garden decoration

Metal doesn’t always have to be modern, because this wonderfully versatile material can be used to create very different accents. Industrial charm exude old copper pipes and metal rods, which you can use as a climbing aid. With an old trolley made of curved metal struts, for example, you can spice up a boring eke and at the same time put your flowers in the spotlight in vintage style. Also stainless steel and special colorful paints offer you the opportunity to set small color accents in your garden.

Rust gives a special effect

Precious rust is not precious rust, it constantly changes and takes on new interesting color nuances. Especially imaginative figures, climbing aids, candlesticks and sundials with the so-called “precious rust” are becoming increasingly popular. With their noble brown and orange tones, they harmonize perfectly with nature and the wood of the plants around them. However, if you are interested in decorations made of precious rust, when choosing a location, you should take into account that the rust can cause stains when it rains. So, it’s best to place this variant on the ground or a wooden board, or treat it with a special oil that will preserve the color permanently.

What is rust and how long does rusty decoration last?

Since objects made of metal actually only rust when they are damaged, rust is usually rather undesirable. But “precious rust” is produced by allowing steel to rust over a large area under controlled conditions. The resulting precious rust protects the steel from further reactions with air and “normal rust”. Therefore, decorations made of rust are quite durable and last for about 10-30 years, depending on whether the object is in constant contact with (rain) water or the ground.

Shabby Chic

Which brings us to the “Shabby Chic” … because decorative rust patina provided decorative objects are ideal for the design in the “Shabby Chic”. Decorations made of metal, wood and concrete give your garden a rustic touch in combination with found objects from the flea market. If you want to Create diy garden decor, this style is particularly suitable, because in addition to old garden tools and rusty pots, “Shabby Chic” lives on upcycling and a lot of personality.

Decorate your garden in Asian style

Asian gardens are widely known as retreats where harmony and tranquility reign. Wouldn’t it be nice to transform your garden into such a tranquil place? When it comes to decorating, size isn’t everything, so you can also create Asian harmony on your patio or balcony. In the end, it just has to be coherent. You can achieve this simply by combining several decorative elements. You can frame a beautiful figure with a water feature made of bamboo, Japanese maple or a bonsai. A bamboo privacy screen is also a great way to bring Asian style into your garden. If you have a large garden, it will of course give you more room for other Asian decorations such as gravel paths, moss-covered stones, rhododendrons and stone lanterns. With a good lawn trimmer, you can even get some decorating potential out of your lawn.

Minimalist and modern garden decoration

When it comes to minimalism, it’s a well-known fact that “less is more”, so you should stick to it when it comes to garden design as well. Your minimalist decorated garden will look especially modern if you rely on a few, but well-chosen decorations. If you want to Create diy garden decor, you can use concrete as a material for the modern look. There are numerous instructions on the Internet on how to make a variety of objects from concrete at home. By the way, both minimalist and modern are flower pots and garden lamps in geometric shapes – kept in simple colors they will turn your garden into a real eye-catcher in no time!

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