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Vacation in home garden

Woman relaxing on sun lounger in garden as if on vacation
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True to the motto "Gardenis Vacation", we show you how you can bring real vacation feeling right to your own, home garden.

Garden is vacation – Enjoy the free time in your own garden

What does “garden is vacation” mean? Spending free time in your own garden can be 1000 times more relaxing than traveling far away. If you are really looking for relaxation, you are much more likely to find it at home than in a crowded hotel complex in the south. The fact is that the supposedly relaxing vacation is always accompanied by suitcase packing and planning, stressful travel by train, car or plane and high costs. Once there, we expose our tired bodies to the stresses and strains of time changes, foreign cultures and climatic changes. And when we finally get used to the heat and the food, we are usually already on our way back. Any relaxation quickly evaporates in the event of complications during the return trip or the onset of jet lag – but at the latest when we see the mountains of laundry after emptying our suitcases. That’s why we say: Garden is vacation! Because at home you can simply recover best, recharge your reserves and then start fresh again into the working day. We’ll show you how you can bring that real vacation feeling into your oasis of well-being.

Our tips for vacation feeling in the home garden

In order for you to really relax, your garden should offer you everything that belongs to a perfect vacation. First of all, it’s important that you complete the necessary gardening work before you go on vacation, such as sprucing up the vegetable garden or tending to the rock garden. Because as always, work on vacation is a no-no. Before your time off begins, get your garden ready to the point where you feel comfortable and then put away all gardening tools. The following tips will help you to finally relax properly with the right equipment and decoration, true to the motto: garden is vacation!


Garden is vacation means that the perfect lounger is just waiting to be occupied by you alone – without any additional fees and annoying reservations. For optimal relaxation, it’s worth investing in a high-quality lounger with comfortable cushions and then you can happily spend the whole day on it. Also a hanging chair attached to the terrace roofing or a tree, is wonderfully suitable as a reading place or to simply do nothing. Before your vacation, get enough interesting (audio) books, magazines and relaxing music, so that you are well equipped for long quiet summer days – and then, of course, a good parasol may not be missing. That a family garden can be a great thing, we have already described in another article. For your vacation in the garden, this can also be a good option, for example, if you want to have your children around you and relax together with them.


The right decoration will bring the vacation feeling to your garden all by itself. Nautical accents such as shells and the sound of water, for example through a garden fountain, will make you mentally travel to the sea and conjure up memories of the beautiful moments of past vacations. The sound of water and waves has been proven to have a very calming effect on your pulse and breathing, helping you to relax. For balmy summer nights, we recommend garden spotlights and lanterns that will bathe your garden in a warm glow. In this way, it is in no way inferior to lavishly illuminated hotel facilities. Garden is vacation can easily become a reality at home and help you to relax more.

Green spacious garden where there is a table, several chairs and a hammock

Our recommendations for the perfect vacation in the garden

Garden lounger

Vacation in home garden is when the sun lounger simply provides the perfect relaxation. It is important not only that the couch cushions are comfortable, but also that, depending on your needs, the headboard can be adjusted individually. In this regard, four different possible positions are optimal. When buying, make sure that the lounger is made of UV- and weather-resistant, high-quality polypropylene (plastic), so it will provide relaxation for a long time.

Decom shells

Shells and starfish are the absolute must-have for the maritime summer decoration of the garden. On trays, around fountains and as table decorations, they are an absolute eye-catcher and bring vacation feeling into your garden. If you like to do handicrafts, you can embellish various accessories with shells and thus beautify the garden.


Lanterns conjure up a cozy atmosphere on warm summer nights. Solar fairy lights, unlike normal fairy lights, do not require electricity and are therefore wonderful for placing throughout the garden, even in more remote locations. When fully charged after a warm summer day, the lanterns can glow for up to eight hours.

Garden fountain

A garden fountain provides a relaxing splash of water in your garden or on your balcony. The stone-gray polyresin/polystone material makes the fountain look like a real stone fountain, but is much lighter, so the fountain can be easily positioned without water. It is especially beautiful when underwater LED spotlights illuminate the water feature with different colors.

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