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The right stereo for your home

What is a stereo system

A stereo system consists of several devices, usually an amplifier, a CD player and several identical boxes. Depending on the price range, additional speakers are integrated, or can be integrated. The stereo system is also called HiFi system and is characterized by high fidelity. Within this category, a distinction can be made between 2.1 and 5.1. In 2.1 systems, there is a subwoofer on the left and a speaker on the right. In 5.1 systems there is an additional speaker in the middle, on the right and on the left side of the room. Stereo systems can be distinguished from home theater systems. In home theater systems, there are often different speakers, so as to guarantee a perfect surround sound and conjure up an unforgettable cinema experience.

That’s why you need a stereo

Do you even need a stereo system? Your notebook has quite good speakers? Your television as well? That may be true, but listening to music with a stereo system is a whole different experience. The sound literally gets under your skin. High and low tones are reproduced clearly, sharply and expressively. The powerful basses also lead to a musical pleasure and goosebumps are pre-programmed.

What makes a good stereo

Nowadays, there are an insane number of offers in the field of stereo systems. But you have to pay attention to certain aspects before you buy such a device. First of all, you should ask yourself what purpose the stereo should serve. Do you want to listen to music intensively every day? Or do you want to use the stereo only once in a while, for example when you have visitors. Another question you need to answer is the budget. This will help you narrow down your search. A music system for everyday use must meet certain criteria. Ideally, the stereo system should be robust, durable and space-saving. Compatibility is also important. Are the connections I need available? Can I add other devices to the stereo system? Now it’s up to you to choose the right device.

Stereo does not immediately mean “expensive”

The prices of stereo systems vary greatly. Depending on the performance level, functions and equipment, you have to put more or less money on the table. Even cheaper stereo systems can be quite convincing with their sound. The human ear is very difficult to detect significant differences between the sound quality of different stereo systems. Of course, quality deficits can be seen in the lowest price range. But from the mid-range price segment onwards, the products no longer differ too much from each other in terms of sound quality. Rather, the right positioning of the speakers plays an essential role.