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Eating habit change

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Changing your diet is often easier said than done. We show you how your diet change succeeds - without expensive nutrition guides and Co.

Eating habit change

The rainy cold season is slowly creeping up and that’s when the temptation for convenient and simple food is at its greatest. In the evening you can quickly put a pizza in the oven and quickly go to the long-awaited couch. Of course, I can’t deny that it tastes delicious and of course it’s quick. After a stressful day at work, there’s often no other way. Everything is much too complicated to cook elaborately now. But hand on heart – we don’t feel good afterwards and unfortunately we’re not satiated for long either. That’s why we’re now going to show you how you can maintain your eating habit change in the long term. Even if you only take a few tips, you will notice positive results.

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Kitchen decluttering made easy with our tips


Often it fails because of the comfortable habits like frozen pizza, fast food etc.. That’s why the very first thing you should do is plan a fixed day on which you clean out your entire refrigerator. Sundays are perfect for this. Of course, you should not just throw everything away, but all food without added value. That means: Sort out all ready-made products such as pizza, chips, burgers, etc.. In addition, you should also avoid sweet drinks like cola, apple spritzer, Fanta or Sprite of course – smoothies possibly too, but not necessarily if you know what to throw in your smoothie blender. Those are also just pretty unnecessary calories that are really easy to cut down on. When you’re planning a diet, it’s best to look at what foods can and can’t be incorporated into the different diets. For example, in the ketogenic diet, foods high in carbohydrates are off limits. If you know what you can and can’t eat, suitable cookbooks are good for conjuring up great dishes.


I know this too well myself. In everyday life, it is often the case that you also want to snack. It should be clear to you that it is important for your body and for your psyche that you have a certain balance in your everyday life. No matter whether it’s your job, diet or sports. If you are not on a diet, you should not forbid yourself too much. If you exercise regularly or get enough exercise, then a bar of chocolate won’t stab you in the back, especially if it’s dark chocolate. As long as you stay on the ball and still maintain your balanced diet from day to day, you can treat yourself once or twice a day. You should be able to enjoy life. If you have already reached your feel-good weight, then you should just make sure that you stay on the ball and keep both sufficient exercise and the right diet in mind. After all, we want to feel good in the long run and both an unhealthy and too strict healthy lifestyle is not healthy for many of us in the long run.


If you just can’t do without your daily portion of sweet stuff, then protein shakes may be able to help. They come in a variety of flavors, such as vanilla or chocolate, and can taste and act just as sweet as your chocolate bar. To find out which protein powder tastes best to you and which suits you best, you should just try a little.


Water is indispensable for a healthy lifestyle. It is simple and yet so effective. Ideally, you should drink between 2 and 3 liters per day. In the beginning it will be quite annoying, because you will have to go to the toilet more often. However, after a few days your body will get used to drinking so much water. And believe me – it’s worth it! Your skin will thank you. Already after two weeks I noticed how my skin became much cleaner. In addition, my skin became generally much softer and smoother.


Food is one of our basic needs. That’s why we shouldn’t just eat on the side. Sit down at your dining table with a glass of water and consciously eat your food. Enjoy your food. How does it smell? How does it taste? How does it look? You can only enjoy all this if you consciously eat your food. So if possible, avoid leaving the TV on in the background or using your smartphone.


Did you know that you only feel full after about 20 minutes? Well, what does that mean for us now? Quite simply, you should give yourself enough time when eating. If you gorge, you run the risk of eating too much and also getting an annoying bloated belly. A little tip on the side: If you find it difficult to consciously give yourself time to eat, just use a teaspoon or a cake fork to eat. It takes longer and you will subconsciously get full faster. You’re effectively tricking your brain without losing out.


We often forget over time why we started our eating habit change in the first place. Was it a few too many pounds on the hips? Or did you just want to eat healthier to do something good for your body and yourself. No matter what it was, write down a list of reasons why you want to change your diet right at the beginning. After that, hang it on your refrigerator. This way you can keep an eye on your motivation every day.

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