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Food cravings

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Cravings are really annoying and sometimes really hard to resist. We'll show you how to get rid of the annoying thoughts with a few simple tips and tricks and enjoy your life worry-free.

How do food cravings develop

Food cravings are sometimes as annoying and irritating as mosquitoes. They simply don’t have to be. But with a few simple tricks, this problem will soon be a thing of the past. But before we tell you how to get rid of them, you should be aware of where cravings come from in the first place. Generally, your body wants to tell you that it needs important nutrients at that moment. So far so good. But why do you often have cravings for chocolate or sweets? As strange as it may sound, chocolate has a high content of zinc. Therefore, it is close to say that your body just subconsciously craves zinc. Often chocolate is also a compensatory means to process sadness or dissatisfaction. Last but not least, there is the attraction of forbidden things. Especially during diets, we know too well the stimulus to eat the forbidden, evil bar of chocolate.

Tame your food cravings

Tip 1: Distraction

Have you ever noticed that food cravings usually come towards the evening, when you’ve just laid down quietly and can finally relax? Therefore, it’s best to quickly find something to do the next time you’re plagued by those annoying thoughts about something sweet. Whether it’s playing a computer game, working or reading a book – after 15 minutes at the latest, the thoughts should be far away.

Tip 2: Brush your teeth

Yes, that’s right, you can brush the desire for chocolate out of your mouth. The peppermint taste makes you quickly forget the desire for chocolate, because it neutralizes the mouth.

Tip 3: Accupressure

Press with your index finger on the area between your nose and upper lip for about 20 seconds. In fact, this pressure affects the appetite center of the brain and the desire for chocolate will disappear in a short time.

Tip 4: Protein shakes

Since protein shakes saturate for a long time, it is best to drink a protein shake in the evening and avoid cravings. In addition, your body can use the proteins overnight super for muscle regeneration. Since there are an endless number of flavors to choose from, you can experiment a bit to see which protein powder tastes best to you or even try protein smoothies from your smoothie bl ender.

Tip 5: Take a deep breath

No, this isn’t mumbo jumbo. Deep breathing helps us better control feelings, thoughts and emotions. In fact, if you stay relaxed, you’ll be better able to resist your cravings. To do this, stand up straight, stretch your arms straight towards the ceiling and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this three times in a row and then shake your arms out downwards. You should do this exercise for a total of 3 minutes. If you do this every day, you will be able to control your cravings.

Girl looks greedily at plate and bowl full of cookies

Tip 6: Don’t forbid yourself anything

Forbidden things have a very special appeal to you. Remember when you used to be forbidden something by mommy and daddy and wanted it all the more? We are no different later on. You can eat chocolate or sweets, as long as you still enjoy them and eat them in moderation.

Tip 7: Avoid stress

It’s easy to say, but it’s often not that easy. Nevertheless, try to consciously plan rest periods into your daily routine and one appointment-free day per week. Often we try to numb the everyday negative feelings with sweets. However, to best avoid stress, do what you enjoy. Get together with friends or family and distract yourself.

Tip 8: Shop in a planned way

Of course, you shouldn’t go to the supermarket hungry. It’s best to make a list of what you really need at home. In addition, you can of course not fall off the wagon if you have no sweets in the house.

Tip 9: Nibble popcorn or almonds

Often you just want something to nibble on. It’s been a while since your last meal, and you don’t want something big again. Almonds, which are included in many diets like the Ketogenic Diet, come in handy. The small are full of omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and antioxidants, so in addition healthy. And your guilty conscience can relax, too. The same goes for homemade popcorn – whether it’s classic in a pot or made with a popcorn machine. Here, too, you have a great substitute to candy – as long as you don’t add sugar to your popcorn, of course.

Tip 10: If chocolate, then dark, please

Now, of course, comes the ultimate: chocolate can be healthy. But unfortunately only a very specific one. It must contain at least 70% cocoa in the chocolate, so that you can enjoy it even during a diet. Due to the many bitter substances, a long-lasting feeling of fullness sets in, which leads to your hunger being inhibited. After all, chocolate is just too delicious to pass up completely, isn’t it?

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