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Low carb drinks

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Findingdrinks without carbs is hard? Not at all! We'll show you how to quench your thirst in a variety of ways while on the ketogenic diet.

Low carb drinks

No matter what diet or dietary change you are looking at: Low carb drinks or without sugar are often mandatory for a successful implementation. And as we all know, drinking a lot is very important for a healthy and functioning body. You should drink at least 3 liters a day, and since you don’t always want to cover this amount with water alone, the search for alternatives can be complicated when you consider that juices and sweet sodas are absolutely taboo, especially on a ketogenic diet.

What works and what doesn’t work?

Water – less is more!

The probably most unspectacular among the Low carb drinks is probably the same for all of us: water! Even if water is the most boring variant for all of us at first glance, especially in terms of taste, it is still the healthiest for the body. Whether you choose normal tap water (preferably through a decalcification system) or mineral water is irrelevant. Mineral water can nevertheless be more refreshing and give your body the impression of having had something special. Every now and then, you can still add a slice of lemon to your water. The amount of carbohydrates in the slice and the amount of carbohydrates in the water itself do not exceed the maximum of 20g per day and are therefore perfectly ok every now and then.

Tea – the versatile all-rounder

Still close to water but more versatile is the good and well-tried tea. The good news first: it doesn’t matter at all whether you try green tea, black tea, fruit tea or even wild creations that don’t really sound keto-friendly. The only but very important premise here is that you don’t add sugar to your tea. However, if you like, you can use a sweetener tablet. This is not a problem from a ketogenic standpoint, but you should still read up on the substitute sweeteners included beforehand, as some are debatable as to how they affect health. However, as long as you don’t add a truckload to your tea or use them every day, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Coffee is allowed to stay!

Hallelujah! You can take your coffee maker out of the trash again – you can continue to drink your (hot) beloved coffee in the morning without hesitation. In black form it is ideal and you don’t need to worry about your ketosis. The only thing to keep in mind, as with tea, is the complete absence of sugar. You should also distance yourself from ordinary cow’s milk. Try to find alternatives instead. Almond milk has proven to be a particularly successful alternative for coffee. So, if you don’t want to drink your coffee black, try to refine your coffee with almond milk. This way, your coffee will be part of the list of Low carb drinks – whether filter coffee or coffee capsule coffee.

light and zero – yikes or yikes?

Now to the question of all questions: What about “light” and “zero” products for beverages without carbohydrates? After all, especially at high temperatures, nothing is more refreshing than an ice-cold lemonade, right? Basically, light and zero products are harmless for the state of ketosis. On 100ml most products have a maximum of 0.3g carbohydrates, many even only 0.1g. So this turns out to be vanishingly small and can be enjoyed safely. However, you should keep in mind that substitute sweeteners are used here as well, which you should be aware of. Many people even claim that they feel more hungry after consuming light drinks. However, this varies from person to person and must be observed by everyone himself. For the goal of the ketogenic diet, they are not a hindrance, belong to Low carb drinks and thus get a clear “Go!”

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Woman drinks a homemade juice made from fruit or vegetables

Hands off!

Basically, you should get into the habit of one thing: The look at the nutrition table and list of ingredients. Here you can see directly how many grams of carbohydrates per 100ml are contained in your drink. Keep in mind that you must not exceed the limit of 20 grams of carbohydrates in your total consumption, whether it is food or beverages. Otherwise, your body will leave the state of ketosis and you will have to start all over again. So every now and then, when you are undecided, you have to calculate a little bit and see if and especially how much of a drink you are allowed to have. As a little mnemonic, you can also remember that anything ending in “-ose” in the list of ingredients is not suitable, as it is always some form of sugar. This is especially true for fruit juices and smoothies(not special smoothies prepared with a proper smoothie blender). So hands off!

Alcohol – Cheers!

First things first! Binge drinking is not only during a diet, but also in general not very conducive to your well-being and a healthy body. Especially if your primary goal is to lose weight, alcohol should be completely eliminated from your shopping list, as alcohol contains an enormous amount of calories. However, to stay within the ketogenic framework, a glass of red wine or a small glass of whiskey is perfectly fine. Still, this should remain an exception and be saved for nice, special occasions like toasting at family gatherings. If you know of another cool carb-free drink that we haven’t listed here yet, feel free to let us know!

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