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Fruits and vegetables diet

Young woman prepares healthy food from fruits and vegetables in kitchen
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Get to your dream weight fast with the fruit and vegetable diet and find more vitality and well-being with the help of the natural healing effects of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables Diet – Get in top shape with fruits and vegetables

Health and physical fitness is very important to many, which is why it is also always very popular to change the personal diet accordingly. Here, however, attention should be paid to a sufficient budget of vitamins and important nutrients. A fruits and vegetables diet is therefore the optimal solution to stay fit and slim in the long term. At first, you have to be quite brave to face the challenge of a fruit and vegetable diet, so initially hunger pangs and nutrient deficiencies may also occur. To prevent this from happening, a nutritionist or medical specialist should be consulted at the beginning of such a dietary change, if possible.

How do I do it right?

With the fruits and vegetables diet to a more positive attitude to life

The fruits and vegetables diet is a good solution in any case for an optimal well-being and to achieve a more positive attitude towards life. This is because fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins that keep you permanently healthy and fit, and also provide fresh thoughts and less tiredness at work and in everyday life. The fruit and vegetable diet is also called paradise diet, because it creates quasi paradise conditions in the refrigerator and reminds of a way of life based on nature. The simplicity of this diet is therefore quite advantageous, which is why it requires little effort, since you can virtually feed only on salad and fresh fruit and do not even need to turn on the stove. Therefore, the diet is also called raw food diet. So, on the menu there are only fruits, vegetables, nuts and dried fruits and oil. So the diet is very rich in fiber, which should suppress the feelings of hunger.

This is how the diet works

So, if you want to start a fruit and vegetable diet, you should be a fan of fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Meat and eggs as well as all animal proteins are avoided in the diet in the long term, but vegetable protein or protein products such as protein powder are allowed. Thus it should be considered that the health situation permits such a Diät, since otherwise it can come quite to deficiency symptoms such as protein deficiency. However, important vitamins should not be lacking in this diet in any case, since the consumption of fruits and vegetables provides sufficient freshness and strength as well as well-being.

A specific preparation

Nevertheless, the diet should not be carried out as a rule longer than one to two weeks for intensive slimming and dehydration. Who would like to achieve quick successes in losing weight, in order to be able to wear short clothes and bikini in the summer, should in any case think about a fruit and vegetable diet, because it very quickly achieves successes that can be seen. So if you choose a purely natural diet like the fruit and vegetable diet, you will be rewarded not only with ideal weight loss, but also with additional health and optimal well-being.

Menu and ideas

The fruit and vegetable diet should, of course, be sufficiently thought out and planned in advance. Thus, a functional and promising diet plan should be created, which will then be followed through in a disciplined manner. With the raw food diet thus primarily raw fruit and vegetables are consumed, nevertheless it can be prepared also in the pot. Beans, eggplants and potatoes, for example, should only be suitable for consumption when cooked, as this is also the only way they taste good.

Planning and implementation

So, putting together a diet plan for the fruit and vegetable diet should not be too difficult. For breakfast, for example, a fruity self-mixed smoothie for a fresh start to the day can be a good solution(blender, smoothie bl ender or food processor we just assume times as available in your household). Fresh fruit and nuts can also be distorted as a small meal on the go. For lunch, a fresh salad with fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers and a little oil can help to further fortify you. In the evening, a cold vegetable soup made with onions, cucumbers or carrots and other vegetables should be a safe bet. A green smoothie is also a popular drink on a raw food diet.

Can you survive on fruits & vegetables alone?

Woman using juicer in kitchen for green juice

Lose weight fast with the fruits and vegetables diet

Successes and risks

The fruit and vegetable diet is a suitable option as a short-term diet solution and for losing weight quickly. The paradise diet also leaves a lot of room to be inventive yourself and compose suitable natural dishes from fruits and vegetables. Giving nature more harmony in your own kitchen should be an interesting challenge in any case. Nevertheless the Diät should be accomplished first not longer than one week, since the conversion is probably also not easy for many. Fruits and vegetables can not necessarily always force the hunger pangs. Also, from a health point of view, it can lead to muscle loss and physical weakness in the long run.

Chances and risks of the fruits and vegetables diet

Thus should be considered also before beginning a fruit and vegetable Diät whether this Diät is at all for one personally meaningful and necessary. The organism is also supplied with too little of certain minerals and trace elements. In the long term, eating only fruits and vegetables also leads to frustration and deficiency symptoms. Nevertheless, one can get rid of some pounds fast by a fruit and vegetable diet. The look at the scale will eventually be a positive surprise. However, those who are not yet sure whether a fruit and vegetable diet is the right thing to do can first eat only fruits and vegetables one day a week and thus make sure that this idea makes sense.

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