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Live better at home

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Want to live better at home and feel your best? We'll show you how to make your four walls even more beautiful.

Live better at home

Why does one want to live better at home? After all, don’t you already have everything you need to feel comfortable? It is very important, especially in your own four walls to be able to switch off and forget the stress of everyday life – but unfortunately, so many things in our homes often prevent us from doing exactly that. Often, when we move in, we are clearly convinced that we can finally arrange everything according to our own wishes and part with useless things. But after the stress of unpacking boxes and the euphoria of the first furnishing and decorating are over, many projects that were supposed to beautify the home remain unfinished. And then, for example, there is the moment when you remember that you have been wanting to finally print and frame the most beautiful pictures for ages. The fact is that in our own homes, we sometimes find it difficult to enjoy our own decor and become more relaxed. For this, we have several tips on how you can live better at home.

Live better at home with our tips

We show you how you can live better at home and make your own four walls your personal favorite place. Our tips will help you find out why you don’t quite feel comfortable in your home at the moment and what you can do to change that.

Tidy up and clean out

In order to feel comfortable at home, it is very important to clean up regularly and get rid of unused things – keyword“minimalism as a lifestyle“. In terms of clothes, this means emptying out your entire closet at least every six months and considering which items of clothing you really want to keep. A good rule of thumb is to sell or donate all clothes that you haven’t worn in a year or more. With technical devices such as the old exercise bike or the once-used juicer, you often even have a guilty conscience when you realize that you haven’t used them for some time and they are actually just sitting in the corner as dust collectors. Such unnecessary, burdensome items should be removed from the home in order to live better at home. Before you start to remodel a room, you should also always clean everything thoroughly to ensure a fresh start.


If you’re not 100% comfortable in your home yet, it’s always worth getting some inspiration. You often wish you lived better at home when you’ve been to visit friends and admire how nice and cozy everything is and how easy it is to relax. Keep your eyes open, therefore, is definitely worth it. Which decorative elements do I particularly like in other apartments? Would a waterbed or box spring bed be something for me instead of a normal bed? A retro refrigerator in the kitchen instead of an 08/15 refrigerator? What helps me relax? Pinterest and Instagram can also be useful for finding new inspiration. It’s best to then make a list of the items you’d like to buy and determine where they would fit in your home. This way, you avoid shopping mindlessly and later finding no use for the purchases or realizing that stylistically everything doesn’t fit together at all.

Furnishing and decorating

So that you can live better at home, it does not have to be a complete wallpaper change. Often it is enough to redecorate a corner of your home and accommodate your current favorite accessories to make everything more homely and cozy. Concrete example: put armchairs in the corner and turn it into a reading corner including a reading chair. Pillows and blankets with different textures bring variety to the room, a small lambskin coziness, houseplants and fresh flowers have a positive effect on our mood and at the same time clean the air. Take the time to finally sort and print your favorite photos – if you always forget or don’t have time to have pictures professionally printed, consider purchasing a mobile photo printer. Because beautiful photos or motivational sayings will make the whole room more personal, making you feel better and more comfortable living in your home and enjoying your surroundings. So, don’t wait long and beautify your home so you can live better at home quickly!

Get closer to your goal with these accessories

Guidebook for tidying up and clearing out

Sometimes you just need the right motivation to declutter and clean out, and that’s when a guidebook on these topics is just right! With the best methods at hand to really effectively and in the long term create more order at home and thus feel more comfortable, the everyday chaos can be much easier to get under control.

Mobile photo printer

With a mobile photo printer, the days of unnoticed and forgotten photos on your smartphone are over! All pictures can be easily printed from your smartphone or tablet or your social networks using the mobile printer via a Bluetooth connection, no matter where you are. This way, you’ll always have the latest pictures to decorate your home with, and you’ll be able to remember the best moments of your life and live better at home.

Modern art prints

Art prints are a way to beautify bare walls in a simple, plain and harmonious way, while showing your personal taste. Depending on your preference, you can choose different motivational sayings or quotes that reflect your own character. To live better at home at any time, it is easily possible to change prints depending on your mood, without destroying the overall harmonious image.

Wire light chain

To create a cozy atmosphere, strings of lights are wonderful. On shelves, a chain of wire lights can have a particularly beautiful effect, as they illuminate the placed decorative objects and can be easily bent into the desired shape.

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