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Cozy living room

Living room decorated with couch, armchair and table in strong pastel colors
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Living room cozy decor - How to easily create a cozy retreat for the whole family even on rainy days!

Living room cozy furnishings

Summer is over and autumn is just around the corner – no other season awakens the need for coziness in us so strongly. Especially on cold and rainy days, there is nothing better than spending cozy evenings in your own living room – either alone, with your partner or with the whole family. Whether we perceive a room as cozy or not depends on many different factors, such as color selection, decoration or lighting. In addition, we feel comfortable in a room only when we give it a personal touch. In this article, we’ll tell you how to make your living room cozy with a few simple tips and get ready for those rainy fall days. Want to make your home a better place to live? Always start in the living room first!

Furnish living room comfortably: The right basic furnishings

Tip 1: Many light sources and warm light

As the days outside get colder and darker, it’s even more important to take care of the right interior lighting. Many light sources create a cozier atmosphere than just a ceiling light. That’s why floor lamps, wall lamps or table lamps are recommended as additional lighting. When choosing lamps, make sure that they emit warm light and are dimmable. Dimmed light in the evening is not only cozier, but also prevents problems falling asleep. Candles and fairy lights also lend themselves as additional light sources and provide an extra dose of coziness, especially in the evening. In the summer, the opposite case can occur – then you can regulate too much light, for example, with a sunshade blind.

Tip 2: These pieces of furniture must not be missing

The most important piece of furniture in the living room cozy furnishings is of course a large and comfortable sofa, on which the whole family can find space. Many pillows and cuddly blankets on the sofa guarantee an even greater feel-good effect and have not only a decorative purpose. Blankets keep our body warm and coziness without warmth is hard to imagine. If, in addition, other seating, such as a beanbag or a reading chair are placed in front of a bookcase, a small reading corner is created, which not only looks cozy, but is also sure to come in handy on rainy days.

Tip 3: The right color scheme

When decorating a living room in a cozy way, warm colors are the best choice. Classic, warm brown tones are suitable both as a wall color and for furniture or decoration and spread a pleasant atmosphere. They belong to the so-called “natural colors” and give us a feeling of security and protection. If the decision in the wall color falls on a warm brown tone, decoration in the colors “beige” and “white” is suitable. Wood – in the form of furniture or decorative items – is also back in fashion, spreads cozy flair and comes out particularly well in combination with brown or green tones.

Cozy Living Room Makeover | diy rental-friendly board and batten

Cream colored living room couch with various cushions and a lamp in the background

These decorative items guarantee coziness

Tip 1: Carpets and curtains against bare floors and windows

Carpets are not only suitable to delimit a certain area in the living room, but also with the fact that the room no longer looks so empty and bare. Minimalism is all well and good, but sometimes it can be a little more. Especially soft and cozy carpets, such as lambskin, make any room look cozier and provide warm feet. If you want to make your living room cozy, you should also by no means do without curtains, which decorate bare window frames and make the view out of the window more inviting again. Moreover, curtains have another decisive advantage: if you can’t stand the sight of a cold, rainy day, simply draw them!

Tip 2: Flowers and plants for more well-being

Especially on cold days, which we spend mainly at home, houseplants give us the feeling of being a bit closer to nature. In addition, the greenery relaxes the eyes and in plain and modern furnished living rooms houseplants loosen up the overall picture and lift the well-being. They break the monotony and breathe life into the room. If the weather doesn’t allow a trip to the countryside, then bring it home to your own living room!

Tip 3: Furnish your living room comfortably: The right measure makes it!

While decoration is a valuable tool for making one’s living room cozy, the right measure is crucial. If the living room is equipped with too many decorative items, it no longer looks cozy, but crowded and chaotic. Rather use a few large decorative items instead of many small ones, small dabs instead of the big wallpaper change. But the most important rule at this point is: there are none! Everyone decides for themselves how much decoration is appropriate in the living room and spreads a feel-good atmosphere. Because in the end, the living room must correspond solely to their own ideas and wishes.

Decorating living room cozy means decorating living room personally

Tip 1: Own pictures for the personal touch

Only when personal objects move into the living room, at the sight of which beautiful memories and thoughts arise, the living room becomes a feel-good oasis. In addition to vacation memories or gifts from loved ones, photos in particular are a great way to give the living room a personal touch. Whether it’s a picture wall with Polaroid photos or self-painted pictures – if we have a personal connection to the pictures on our living room wall, we feel more comfortable and relaxed in the room.

Tip 2: Pieces of furniture with meaning are worth their weight in gold

Just like many clothes, pieces of furniture are often associated with stories or feelings – either because they are heirlooms or simply because they remind us of beautiful events. While these pieces of furniture may not be in line with the latest interior design trends, they are true treasures for making your living room more personal and transforming it into a space you feel comfortable in. And if a piece of furniture is not only particularly meaningful but also old, there are a lot of DIY ideas on the Internet to make old furniture shine again!

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