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Your bedroom needs a major overhaul? Here are ideas and tips on how to make your bedroom cozy!

Why you should make your bedroom cozy

Your personal oasis of well-being

Now, if we assume you’re an average person, you spend about a third of your day at work. Another third is then divided between shopping, friends and hobbies. The last third you spend – as you probably already guessed – in your bedroom. Thus, your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home and should not be neglected, because after all, you spend a lot of time here, whether alone or with your partner, to replenish your energy reserves and to dream. So let’s get to the “make bedroom cozy” plan!

This is how easy it is to make your bedroom cozy

Because the bedroom is so important, you should adapt it to your individual needs – after all, it should invite you to relax and become a personal sanctuary. In the following sections, we would like to show you how you can make your bedroom cozy with little effort.

A cozy bedroom needs a cozy bed

Not all bedding is the same

Whether it’s a normal bed, a box spring bed, something stylish like a Japanese futon bed or something really fancy like a waterbed – everyone has their preferences. I’m sure you have them, too, when it comes to your preferred bedding. In general, the materials of your bedding can determine how cozy your bedroom looks. Bed linen made of terry cloth, beaver, cotton, flannel and seersucker, which is ideal for summer, looks especially cozy. Fabrics like silk, satin, jersey and percale look rather cool and not so invitingly soft. You don’t have to change all your bedding now, of course, because a cozy bedspread, an extra wool blanket, or a lambskin can make your bed cozier in an instant!

Soft lighting by the bed

What’s more cozy than a flickering fire? If, completely understandably, you don’t want to integrate a fireplace next to your bed, then candles are the most recommended way to make your bedroom cozy. Whether you choose thick stand candles, single tea lights or floating candles in a pretty container – candles create a particularly romantic atmosphere. For cozy browsing in bed, we recommend table or wall lamps that can be easily turned and swiveled. This way, the light can be ideally directed to the sides and you won’t dazzle your partner. In addition, fairy lights at the head of the bed, especially in combination with transparent fabrics, make a real impression.

Invite to dream

If you only have a small apartment and you might need to use your bedroom for other activities, we recommend a screen or shelf as a privacy screen. With it, you can banish, for example, fitness equipment or your computer from the direct sleeping area. Also a special reading chair, hanging chair or a small couch with numerous cushions can make your bedroom visually much cozier right away.

Selected favorite pieces really make a statement

Less is more

If you want to make your bedroom cozy, “less is more.” Rooms that are too cluttered rarely look cozy, so it’s better to go for selected favorite pieces when decorating your bedroom. They should also harmonize in shape and color, so that the room does not look too restless. Even with a few pieces of furniture, such as a bed, a chest at the end of the bed, your favorite chest of drawers and a table next to your reading chair, you can create a cozy bedroom. In addition to that, you should choose beautiful pictures and also fill your shelves wisely so that they don’t visually overwhelm you.

Make your bedroom cozy

If you have enough space, you can also place a table and a chair with a thick seat cushion by the window. With a small couch or a thick armchair in combination with a bookcase, you can easily create a reading corner that invites you to browse on sleepless nights. If you have a large closet instead of a small chest of drawers, it is an advantage if the doors match the color of the wall design, so that they do not look so massive and do not disturb you visually. If you like, try to align your room according to Feng Shui.

Avoid empty corners

Since empty corners look bare and cool, you should avoid them if possible. You can easily do this by placing a corner shelf, a tall plant or a chic sculpture in the corner. Attractively decorated corners have a softer effect and can provide additional storage space with a matching decoration such as family photos or some favorite books.

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Bedroom cozy with bookshelf

Make your bedroom cozy & decorate it beautifully

Colors increase the feel-good factor

Whether you prefer colorful curtains, gaudy decorative pillows, a strip of color on the wall, or colorful under-bed boxes, you can use color accents to make your bedroom cozy and infuse your personality. You should always make sure with different color nuances that you are still in the same color family, because otherwise the room can quickly appear restless.

Visually change rooms with wall color

Small rooms look larger if you choose light shades of wallpaper or wall paint. White walls make the room look more spacious, but also rather cool. If you still don’t want to do without light colors, then light pastel or terracotta tones are the best wall colors. Strong colors, on the other hand, make spacious rooms look smaller and cozier. If you have a low ceiling, then you should paint the ceiling in a slightly lighter shade, so that the room visually gains height. If you have high ceilings, it’s the other way around – here you can use strong darker colors to visually reduce the ceiling height.

A personal wall design provides warmth

When it comes to wall design, it all depends on your personal taste. Do you like it simple and uniform? Then you should not hang too many small pictures on the wall, but follow a clear system. If, on the other hand, you like photos of friends or postcards, then a colorful photo wall is a good idea. To do this, hang the photos you’ve chosen very close together to create the appearance of a wallpaper. Especially wooden frames look very cozy – the thicker, the better. If it suits your decor, you can also wrap some picture frames with fabric for an even more individual touch.

Plants as a splash of color

They breathe life into the room, filter pollutants and are just incredibly decorative. In our opinion, plants belong in every home! You can use plants to make your bedroom feel cozy, whether you do it with pretty bouquets of flowers as a gift to yourself or with a low-maintenance aloe vera. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, you might want to think about adding some lavender next to your bed. But delicately scented jasmine, birch figs that filter pollutants, or lush, air-humidifying golden fruit palms are also ideal for your personal oasis of well-being.

Fabrics and textures

We never get enough of cozy home textiles like cozy blankets, thick curtains and colorful pillows! They are cozy, fluffy and great eye-catchers with which you can make your bedroom cozy. Whether you deposit your cuddly blankets and pillows on the bed or a sofa is entirely up to you. Pillowcases made of cotton, wool or fleece are especially warm, while linen and silk have a cooling effect. If you’ve always dreamed of a four-poster bed, blankets and sheets can quickly conjure up an inexpensive alternative. Curtains, drapes, blankets, pillows and rugs will instantly make your room feel warmer – there’s no limit to your imagination!

The right lighting for a cozy bedroom

The optimal lighting concept

The right lighting can make your bedroom cozy. For this, however, you should plan a little in advance. A good lighting concept ideally consists of three parts. First, you need general, functional lighting, such as a bright lamp on the ceiling. Then you should opt for a lamp by the bed, especially if you still like to read in the evening. Of course, you can’t miss mood lights, such as candles – they are the last point of the ideal lighting concept. With mood lights, you can skillfully set the scene for certain pictures or areas. It is especially practical if you make sure that all light sources can be operated from the door and the bed. Don’t forget – in summer you can prevent “too much” light with the help of aids such as a good sunshade.

Warm and cold light

As with wall colors, there are also different effects when it comes to light color. Warm light makes you feel calm and radiates a lot of coziness. You should completely avoid bright neon light, because cold light is stimulating and clinical – it has no place in the bedroom. At best, you should choose lamps with fabric shades for your light sources, no matter what they are intended for in the end. As already mentioned, fairy lights in particular have a very cozy effect and invite you to linger with their dim light.

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