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Your baby will not sleep alone

Baby falls asleep on his father's shoulder
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Your baby isn't falling asleep on his own? Our tips and tricks will help you gently put your baby to sleep - whether it's midday or nighttime.

Your baby will not sleep alone?

Your baby will not sleep alone, cries when put in his crib and just wants to be held – is it the same for you? Be sure, you are not alone. Babies have a great need for physical contact and body warmth from birth. This is evolutionary and has a positive effect on psychological and physical development. Babies simply feel particularly secure and safe in their parents’ arms. That’s why they often find it very difficult to fall asleep anywhere else. However, bedtime is often the only chance for parents to do household chores, get some work done or relax for once. We have the best tips for restful naps during the day and a relaxing night!

Baby does not sleep alone – Our tips and tricks

Naps and naptime

Your baby doesn’t fall asleep on his own and refuses naps during the day? If so, you’re not alone, as many parents find it especially difficult to put their child to sleep at midday and in the afternoon. While newborns still sleep up to 18 hours a day regardless of the time of day or night, naps become less frequent and less popular as the child gets older. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the baby perceives more and more of its environment, becomes more curious and wants to discover everything. On the other hand, children slowly learn to distinguish day from night between the fourth and sixth month. They increasingly perceive brightness and darkness, and this also changes their sleep rhythm. During the day it is bright and there is playing and laughing, and so it becomes increasingly difficult to put the child to sleep alone. It helps especially small children a lot if they are swaddled, that means they are wrapped tightly in a cloth to calm them down. For those who have trouble putting down the child who has fallen asleep in their arms, try warming the area beforehand. For babies it can be a shock when they are suddenly placed on a cold varnish from the warm arms of their parents, their sense of security disappears and they wake up and cry. To prevent this, you can, for example, sit on the bed or blanket to warm it up beforehand, or put a warm cherry pit pillow in the crib before putting the baby down. Generally, exercise also helps most babies fall asleep. A walk in the stroller can often do wonders, as babies fall asleep more easily due to the fresh air and gentle rocking motion during the ride. Hanging swings for babies are also wonderful for calming the child and letting them fall asleep on their own. A short exercise routine with baby before nap time can also help burn off some energy and make baby more tired.

Falling asleep with tummy aches and colic

Your baby will not sleep alone because he struggles with tummy aches and colic? In this case, a heat pad is very helpful because it can specifically warm the painful area and relieve cramps. However, before placing it around the baby, always check the temperature to avoid burns. What also helps many babies to relieve abdominal pain is the so-called fly hold, in which the baby lies with its stomach on the arm of the mother or father, arms and legs hanging down to the side. This allows the baby to recover from colic and later fall asleep better on his or her own. Another option is to gently massage the abdomen before bedtime to ease cramps in the abdomen. With consultation with a pediatrician, antispasmodic medications such as Saab Simplex and caraway seed suppositories can also be used for particularly severe abdominal pain.

Falling asleep in the evening

The evening is often stressful for you, too, because your baby won’t fall asleep on his own? In this case, experts recommend establishing a fixed routine, the various components of which signal to the child that it is now time to go to bed. For example, a nice ritual is playing a certain soothing melody. When this then ends, the light is dimmed and there is no more playing. This is the best way to get the child in the right mood for bedtime. Out of concern, you often check whether your baby is lying on his back and correct the sleeping position? And your baby does not sleep alone and is very restless? Then you could try out whether your baby falls asleep better on his side or on his stomach. As soon as the child can turn itself and is not restricted in the mobility of its head, it can sleep in other positions than just on its back without hesitation. However, the bed should be empty and the mattress should not be too soft. If your baby still doesn’t want to fall asleep alone, a family bed is the best solution. Even though you may not have been convinced before, a family bed where parents and child sleep together can be a very good solution, especially for babies who really can’t fall asleep at all without physical contact.

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Baby sleeping in small bed

Helpers to put your baby to sleep

Spring cradle / hanging swing for babies

A hanging swing is perfect for all for babies who enjoy rocking movements and fall asleep especially well while doing so. The gentle vibrations help with gas, tummy aches and colic and soothe the baby. We recommend a purchase of a hanging swing that can be easily converted into a hammock or a hanging chair and thus grows with the child.

Night light

A smart night light is perfect for establishing a nice evening routine. The brightness can be adjusted individually via the touch control. The warm, pleasant light in dimmed mode thus naturally prepares the baby for the sleep phase.

Sleep guide

If you’d like even more information about infant sleep and want to find out what the state of science is, a sleep guide is just the thing! Here you can learn new tips and tricks on how to help your child sleep naturally and well. A guidebook is also very useful for learning how to set up rituals for a relaxing evening routine.

Heating pad

A natural miracle cure for tummy aches and colic is a heat pad filled with cherry pits. Cherry pits are particularly suitable because they store heat well and release it in doses. They also have a pleasant massage effect when the pillow is placed on the aching belly. The cherry stone pillow is easily heated in the microwave or in the oven.

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