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Best children's birthday party games

Children playing birthday games outside in garden
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A child's birthday can be stressful - but with the right birthday games, fun and entertainment are guaranteed!

Ideas for simple birthday games

Keeping a large group of kids entertained for several hours can be a big challenge, and many parents spend a long time thinking about which birthday games are the best children’s birthday party games, will go over well and be fun for the kids. We have a few ideas for you on how to make the next children’s birthday party a particularly big success. First of all, it is recommended to start with simple games to get the little guests in the right mood and motivate them to join in. Nothing makes children sadder than not understanding the rules at the very first game and losing all the time. Often, they then quickly refuse to join in the next game and spread bad vibes. That’s why the old classics like pot banging, egg running or a little treasure hunt are always a hit as a starter. In all likelihood, all the kids will already know how these games work and won’t feel overwhelmed. In addition, the group’s sense of community quickly strengthens and children who have never seen each other before get to know each other and are less reserved. After this warm-up and getting-to-know-you phase, you can move on to slightly more complicated games or contests that require more creativity. These smaller games can be done very well with various household items.

Painting stones or flower pots, designing candles or making necklaces and bracelets

It is especially popular with girls to get creative themselves, but boys also enjoy painting and designing. Stones, small clay flower pots or candles are very suitable to be decorated and can be taken home after the party. For this, simply set up a craft table with enough choice of colors, stickers and cookie cutters. It’s also best to put a few templates of possible motifs on the table to help children who struggle to come up with their own ideas. Girls also love to make their own bracelets. If they wish, the kids can vote for the most beautiful piece of art at the end and the winner gets a small prize.

Stop dance

Stop dance is a perfect game for little party guests with lots of energy. Music plays and all the kids dance around the room, as soon as the music stops everyone has to stop moving. Whoever moves or stops too late loses. When the music continues, the children are allowed to move again. Stop dance is played until one winner remains. This birthday game motivates children to move and trains concentration at the same time. If the children are allowed to choose the music beforehand, it always goes down well.

Journey to Jerusalem

This game also promotes mobility and concentration. If there are not enough chairs for all the children, you can simply use cushions, on which the children have to sit down as quickly as possible when the music stops. Parents should, however, keep a close eye on which child has sat down first on the respective chair or cushion in order to avoid quarrels.

The best children’s birthday party games for indoors and outdoors

Once all the simple and familiar birthday games are through, it’s worth planning a few other games as well and moving the entertainment outside if the weather is good. In general, parents should always keep a close eye on how the mood is and how many children are already losing interest and are busy doing something else. In addition, it is a good idea to ask the little guests from time to time whether they would like to suggest a game, in order to actively involve them and to get to know their tastes better. Nevertheless, no party should be without a distress soccer or a few mandala templates to always be able to offer alternatives.

Fish fishing

This birthday game can be played outdoors and indoors. The fish are placed in a large pot of water and the children are allowed to take turns fishing for them. Whoever catches the most fish wins. Besides, the game also trains the specific hand-eye coordination.

Sack race

Sack race is a lot of fun and can be played in different variations and difficulty levels. The children have to hop a certain distance in a sack. The winner is the one who reaches the finish line first. The difficulty can be increased if, for example, small obstacles are placed on the route, around which the children have to hop in a slalom.

Can or ring throwing

Both birthday games require hand-eye coordination and a certain amount of concentration. Children like these games because a little practice can quickly achieve success. As a variation, the distance to the cans or rings can be increased or the children may try to hit even when blindfolded.

8 Fun and Easy Birthday Party Game Ideas!

Girl playing on climbing frame during children's birthday party

The best children’s birthday party games for your child’s next party

Ring toss

A high-quality ring throwing game set made of wood guarantees long-lasting fun and can also be played well by adults. Due to the durable throwing rings made of rope, the game can be played even in windy weather without any problems. A practical carrying and storage bag allows you to safely take the game anywhere.

Fishing game

With magnets, the fish can be easily fished out of the water with a little skill. The figures are specially designed for use in water and therefore do not lose their color even after repeated use. The game is also wonderful for occupation in the bathtub.

Jewelry set

A jewelry set for DIY necklaces and bracelets is a must-have for every girl. Threading the various colorful beads on the strings promotes fine motor skills and allows you to create jewelry pieces entirely according to your personal ideas. For long-lasting enjoyment, we recommend a set that includes 220 wooden beads and eight strings.

Can throwing

With this game you bring the fairground classic into your home. The sturdy cans can withstand stronger gusts of wind and are therefore also well suited for use in the garden. After each attempt, the cans can be quickly and easily set up again as a pyramid. The points on the back of the cans can be added together for a better evaluation of the throws.

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