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Boost & strengthen immune system

Woman prepares fruit to strengthen her immune system
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Got a cold all the time? We'll show you how to boost & strengthen your immune system with our tips and tricks and get through the cold season healthy.

The body’s own defenses against viruses and bacteria

Did you know that viruses and bacteria are active year-round? We usually don’t even notice this because our bodies have already built up plenty of protective barriers to fight the viruses. But especially in the dark season, we are often more susceptible to illness. However, our immune system protects us from this. Since our bodies are especially challenged during these times, it is important that we boost & strengthen our immune system. With our tips, you will get through the cold season healthy. Your frequently asked questions will also be answered here. In our video you will also get more tips and useful information. Feel free to take a look there! But for now, have fun and let’s go!

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Woman prepares fruit to strengthen her immune system

Some useful tips to perfectly prepare your immune system for the cold season:

At home

After you get into your own realm, the first thing you should do is to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap. Then, pay attention to the following aspects: Ensure a fresh indoor climate that does not drop below 18°C. The best way to achieve this is to ventilate regularly and replace the germ-laden air with fresh air. You should also not overstress yourself and allow your body its well-deserved sleep. Only when your body is rested can it actively fight viruses and bacteria. And let’s be honest: almost nothing is more relaxing than short breaks, yoga, relaxation baths and breathing exercises, right? You can also combine this very well with a visit to the sauna or alternating showers. These stimulate your blood circulation and also train your body’s heat regulation.

In the kitchen

Sufficient and, above all, correct nutrition also plays an important role for our goal to boost & strengthen immune system. To strengthen the barrier against viruses and bacteria, you should always keep your mucous membranes moist. The best way to do this is to drink enough fluids. Warm drinks are even better than cold ones. But you should not underestimate fruit and vegetables either. They contain many vitamins and trace elements, and these superfoods are also very tasty. Get your vitamin kick!

On the road

The most important thing here is to avoid situations with many people, where the risk of infection is very high. This includes all trips with public transport, such as bus and train, but also other larger crowds, such as crowded shopping stores. Direct physical contact with strangers should be avoided as far as possible. This refers especially to closer physical contact, such as shaking hands or hugging. You should also not touch your own face without first disinfecting your hands. However, you can keep the risk of infection as low as possible by riding your bike or walking. Just make sure to dress warmly. With the onion look you are perfectly prepared for fluctuating temperatures. Because you must not forget one thing: Your body needs exercise more than ever in the colder season! It strengthens your immune system and thus your body’s defenses enormously. It also gets your circulation going. Half an hour of exercise three times a week is recommended. Exercise in the fresh air can do you a world of good. And when you come back inside, don’t forget to wash your hands!

How can I boost & strengthen my immune system through nutrition? These foods or home remedies will help you:

Broccoli as a source of calcium

Broccoli provides important ingredients, such as iron, magnesium and folic acid. In addition, it is rich in calcium. The fact that it is also particularly rich in vitamins makes it a real boon for the immune system. When preparing it, make sure that you don’t overcook it, otherwise important vitamins and minerals will be lost. Otherwise, it’s a super booster for your immune system.

Ginger is considered a pick-me-up

Ginger is also, when it comes to strengthening the immune system, once again a true miracle tuber. Because ginger gets our circulation going and activates the metabolism. Above all, ginger contains valuable antioxidants. These stimulate the immune system and support the defense against disease. On cold days, ginger is particularly suitable as a tea. Simply pour a few thin slices of ginger over some hot water, let it steep for a while and then season with honey or simply enjoy it straight. A ginger shot is also the ideal pick-me-up. Give it a try!

A juice cure brings vitamins

Some juices are also ideal for strengthening the immune system with their diverse effects. During a juice cure, you can only consume juices. The aim is to boost the immune system. An example of a homemade juice would be the healthy beet juice. The combination of beet, celery, carrot, orange, lime and ginger makes it a real vitamin booster. That’s because the juice is packed with a lot of healthy nutrients. What’s more, you can combine the 6 ingredients in quantities to suit your individual tastes. The juice can be prepared in a few minutes and can also replace a meal in a juice cure. Enjoy it! If you are interested in a juice cure in more detail, then take a look here!

How can I boost my immune system with homeopathy herbal remedies?

Among the herbal remedies, the active ingredient Echinacea is often a good choice. This is the cone-shaped coneflower. It is quite well-known and has been used in natural medicine for a very long time. The reason for this is its immune-boosting effect. You can take it in the form of globules or the mother tincture to strengthen your immune system. But Influenzinum C30 also strengthens the immune system and tells the flu viruses to fight in time. If you already have a cold, the homeopathic remedy Kalium Bichromicum C12 is very suitable. It helps to clear the airways by making it easier for you to cough out the germs and bacteria. For more specific questions regarding its use, you should consult a homeopath or a doctor or pharmacist.

How can I boost & strengthen immune system in children?

During childhood, the immune system builds up step by step. You can support this process by regular exercise in the fresh air. In addition, there should be sufficient, but not excessive, hygiene. Through a healthy and balanced diet, you can also strengthen the immune system of your child. This includes, for example, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as whole grain products. But also a sufficient liquid supply should be given. Another thing to remember is that children need more sleep than adults. Sufficient sleep can therefore positively support your child’s immune system. And finally, the same applies to children as to adults: avoid stress. After all, stress is not known to be healthy. Dream journeys, relaxation or breathing exercises help to strengthen the immune system of our little ones.

How can I boost & strengthen my immune system during pregnancy?

Immune system under double strain

Especially during pregnancy, the female organism has to expend considerably more energy and strength. And this expenditure of energy makes itself felt accordingly. It depends on the developmental stage of your baby. Nevertheless, immune deficiency can occur during these phases. But it is precisely the immune system that is of great importance during pregnancy. On the one hand, the immune system must ensure that you as a mother remain healthy, and on the other hand, it must also tolerate and protect the embryo. In order for everything to run smoothly during your pregnancy, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Rest, exercise and positive energy

In addition to the usual tips that we presented to you at the beginning, you should pay particular attention to sufficient rest during your pregnancy. This is because the rest principle applies to pregnant women. This means that they should avoid stress, as well as hectic situations at all costs, so that their body finds enough time to defend itself against external influences. Proper exercise is also beneficial during pregnancy. Through special pregnancy gymnastics, such as yoga or fitness, you will be best prepared for the birth. But if you already take a walk in the fresh air for 30 minutes a day, your cardiovascular system will be strengthened, your metabolism stimulated and your immune system supported. With all the tips you should not forget one thing above all: Laugh enough and still find enough time every day for yourself and your little miracle inside you! The most exciting and beautiful time of your life is waiting for you. You will see that everyday life will be much easier for you with a healthy dose of optimism.

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