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If you're looking for a natural product that's full of vitamins and will give you a new lease of life, black seed oil is just what you need.

Black seed oil – an ancient miracle cure in the Orient

Have you ever heard of black seed oil (or black cumin oil)? While the oil has only become known in Germany in recent years, it has been known in the Orient for a long time. And not only as a spice for Indian or Middle Eastern recipes, but also for various diseases and as a cosmetic product. The quote attributed to Mohammed is certainly responsible for this: “Black seed helps against every disease except death.” And with that, at least, he is not completely off the mark. Because black seed oil strengthens the immune system and thus protects you from colds. It is also used for beautiful skin and hair. Time to get to know the all-rounder better!

A brief overview of black seed oil

The black seed plant is not only processed into oil. You may know its seeds as dark dots on pita bread. As a home remedy against digestive problems and to strengthen the immune system, but then mostly the oil is used. It is said to relieve asthma symptoms and lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The positive properties come from a high proportion of biotin, beta-carotene and folic acid. Black seed oil is also ideal for external use. Unlike conventional care products, black seed oil does not contain alcohol and is therefore a pleasant skin care product, especially for sensitive skin. Therefore, it is often used for skin impurities, psoriasis or neurodermatitis. In addition, black cumin oil contributes to cell renewal and thus slows down hair loss. By the way, you can also use the oil super for cooking. Whether in bread dough and smoothie or as a salad dressing, or for oriental goulash and chickpea or bean dishes.

The Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Black cumin oil

Black seed oil effect – how do I get the best results?

Black cumin oil hair

If you want strong and shiny hair, you should apply black seed oil externally and take it at the same time. For example, you can add a tablespoon a day to your food – or if you’re strong enough, take it straight! This strengthens the immune system, which also shows in strong hair. To keep your hair shiny, you can use the oil as a hair treatment at regular intervals by massaging in a few drops. The hair treatment also works wonders against itchy scalp and dandruff. By the way, you can find more home remedies for beautiful hair here.

Black seed oil skin

Especially for sensitive skin, black seed oil with its anti-inflammatory effect is perfect. Especially strong itching can become a real problem in daily life. Thereby psoriasis, neurodermatitis and Co. are simply a sign that your body is missing something. Black seed contains zinc and various B vitamins, all of which ensure that your skin relaxes and regenerates. To get the best results for your skin you should clean problem areas regularly and dab some oil on them. Also, when the first wrinkles appear, you can use the oil for a fresh skin.

Lose weight with black seed oil

If you have already read up a bit, you will have noticed that some people swear by black seed oil for weight loss. Sounds great, but what’s the truth? In fact, in 2018, a large study was able to show that participants who regularly consumed the natural product were able to reduce their BMI. Admittedly, this study is not representative, which means you can’t draw generally valid results from it. However, because black cumin oil, as mentioned, has ingredients that help with digestion and support blood circulation, it stands to reason that it will have a positive effect on your weight.

Black cumin oil against ticks

Who spends a lot of time outdoors in the summer, often makes the unfortunate acquaintance with ticks. Especially our pets, who like to roam around in bushes or high grass, are far too often full of them. Surprisingly, some pet owners report that black seed oil is effective against ticks. People have also been observed to be less infested with ticks if they swallow a teaspoon of the oil per day. While there are not many studies in the field yet, it is believed that the essential oils contained in black seed keep ticks away. Black seed applied topically is also a tick deterrent. Ticks that came in contact with the oil during a trial rarely crossed the drenched area. One reason for this, in addition to the essential ingredients, may be the oil’s greasy consistency. Various manufacturers therefore already sell black seed oil specifically for dogs.

Inhale black cumin oil

Especially with respiratory problems such as asthma, hay fever or a cold, it brings particularly much to inhale steam mixed with the oil. To do this, simply add a few drops to a bowl of hot water, bend over it and inhale the steam. You can use these 10 minutes very well to calm down mentally and relax without distractions. Another option is to put a few drops in a glass of warm water and drink that.

How do I find the right black cumin oil dosage?

The benefits of black seed oil capsules

Black seed oil tastes a little like onion or peppery depending on the plant, some also find the taste bitter. So you may not like the taste of the oil in your food. Fortunately, you can also take it as a dietary supplement, for example in capsule form. If you choose this option, you will get enough nutrients with 2 capsules á 450 to 500mg black seed oil daily.

How to consume the right amount of black cumin oil

If you want to take black seed oil for your health, you must of course pay attention to the right amount, otherwise it will not work. Especially for acute colds, a dosage of 40 to 80mg of oil per kilogram of your own body weight has proven to be effective. With an average weight of 80kg, this corresponds to about one tablespoon.

What do I need to consider when buying black seed oil?

That’s why you should buy black seed oil cold pressed

Many healthy active ingredients are destroyed by heat. For this reason, when high-quality oil is pressed, care is taken to ensure that it does not get hotter than 45 degrees. If the black seed heats up too much, not only are vitamins lost, but it becomes bitter and often tastes rancid.

Filtered and unfiltered oil

Not directly a quality feature, but decisive for the taste is whether you buy filtered or unfiltered oil. We recommend the unfiltered version. It may not look as nice in the bottle because small particles float around in it, but it tastes richer and can develop its effect better.

Essential and virgin oil

Black seed oil contains many healthy fats that also help with weight loss, for example. However, depending on the manufacturing process, a distinction is made here between essential and native oil. While native oil is pressed from the plant, essential oil is obtained by distillation. The active ingredients are the same in both variants, but some vitamins are more concentrated in essential oil, while virgin oil contains more of the unsaturated fatty acids. If you want to use black cumin oil as described above, we recommend the native variant.

What you should look for in organic black cumin oil

Organically grown black seed is richer in nutrients, which is why you should use an organic oil, especially for the treatment of diseases. During production, care is also taken to ensure that the plant is free of pollutants. When buying, look for an organic certificate, for example, the Eco Standard. This way you can be sure that your oil contains pure black seed and no colorants, preservatives or flavorings. However, you should not forget that natural products usually do not have as long a shelf life as those that have been mixed with preservatives. You should therefore regularly check the smell and taste of your oil and store it in the refrigerator if necessary.

Are there any side effects to black cumin oil?

Like most natural products, black seed oil has few side effects. If you take too much, the oil will leave your body naturally. Still, you should note that black cumin oil is not a medically approved product. That is, there are some studies that the oil can help with inflammatory diseases, hair loss or other ailments. However, this is not enough to be able to say with certainty that the oil was actually responsible for the participants feeling better in these cases. Nevertheless, it will certainly not harm your body if you consciously supply it with vitamins.

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