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You often come home in pain after work? We'll show you how to improve your posture with our tips!

Declare war on your bad habits!

Unfortunately, bad posture has already become a habit for many people. The reason for this is long workdays, most of which are spent sitting at a desk. But also carrying heavy objects, such as boxes of water, have a negative impact on our posture. However, in order to protect our joints and bones and relieve the strain on our spine, we should always remember to adopt an upright posture. This is because the pain that results from poor posture can also spread massively to other areas of the body. In addition, the psyche is not completely unaffected. Tiredness, stress or a bad mood are the consequences. In order to appear more self-confident, more serious and above all more motivated, we show you here our tips and tricks with which you can easily improve your posture. In addition, we answer the most frequently asked questions. In our short video you will find more useful information and tips. We wish you a lot of fun!

5 Best Ways to Improve Your Posture - Ask Doctor Jo

Doctor examines posture of patient

The correct posture and the most common problems

The correct posture in standing and sitting position

In correct posture, the joints should be able to be connected as if by a vertical line. This refers to all joints when standing and only to the upper body when sitting. So the shoulder area should be vertically under the ears and above the hips. And in standing, these parts should additionally be perpendicular to the ankles. Especially when sitting, you should not fall into a hunchback or hollow back. If you always maintain an upright posture, you protect your joints and muscles. This also relieves the strain on your spine. Motivate yourself to maintain the correct posture, even if it often seems more comfortable the other way around! An optimal aid helping improve posture while sitting is e.g. also the orthopedic seat cushion.

The 3 most common problems and their solutions

Especially among women, the following problems occur again and again: the hollow back and hunched shoulders. The former is mainly aggravated by regular wearing of high shoes. The shift in strength of the muscle parts can be compensated by strengthening the buttocks and abdominal muscles. If a woman, possibly due to her larger breasts, bends her shoulders too much forward, then it is especially helpful to consciously strengthen the upper back muscles. This bad posture is mainly evidence of an over-functioning of the chest muscles and an under-functioning of the back muscles. A forward bent hip, however, affects the sexes equally. The reason for this is insufficient hip and lower abdominal muscles. With the help of suitable stretching exercises, as well as strength training to develop these muscle parts, the problem can be compensated. Nevertheless, compensating for all these problems requires a lot of self-discipline and, above all, regularity from you. However, through self-reflection and the motivation to always remind yourself, you will succeed. We believe in you!

Can I improve my posture by using the belt as a tool?

A real all-rounder..

Such a posture trainer is very useful in everyday life. Because especially here you often quickly forget how important the correct posture is. This simple belt can be worn both over and under clothing. Through regular use, this belt should positively contribute to posture correction of the back and shoulders. Because the goal of the belt is the learning effect, which in the long run will ensure that you remember to maintain a correct posture. Try it for yourself and be convinced!

For whom such a tool is suitable

Especially for people who have an office job, this belt is of great advantage. Because here you spend many hours a day in front of your computer and move very little. But even if you have been struggling with back, shoulder or neck pain for a long time, we would highly recommend you to get such a belt. If you are still unsure, then you should seek advice from your orthopedist or physiotherapist. He can always help you with questions regarding the wearing time.

How does the aid shirt work?

Such shirts are mostly inspired by kinesiology tape. They crank up blood circulation and correct muscle function. As a result, they are said to reduce back pain and tension. Many manufacturers state that regular wear should activate the back muscles in particular. In addition, the shoulders, neck and head are brought into the correct posture. But how does this effect actually ignite exactly? We’ll enlighten you: The reason for this is the incorporated neuroband, which runs along the spine and shoulder area. Similar to kinesiotape, it gently pulls the upper body back into an upright and straight posture. This is easy on your muscles and your joints and saves you from back, shoulder and neck pain. Depending on the manufacturer, you can even buy a shirt that fits your body perfectly, regardless of your height, weight, chest, hip and waist size.

What exercises can I use to improve my posture?

Rowing for a strong back

By doing this simple but intense exercise, you will strengthen your upper back muscles and your back shoulder area. By choosing your weight according to your ability level, you will need either a dumbbell, a barbell or water bottles. Now bend forward with a straight back until you are standing bent over at a 45 degree angle. While your legs are now slightly bent, push your buttocks down towards the back. Now bring your weight towards your belly button, making sure your elbows stay close to your body. While pulling the weight towards your body, you should concentrate on consciously pulling your shoulder blades together. The exercise is repeated 15 times in 3 sets. Important: Since the exercise should always challenge you and not overwhelm you, you should take a break for one minute between each set. If you want something more professional, you can of course use a rowing machine at home. Here we test some for you.

Thumbs Ups for the back of the shoulders

In this exercise you lie on the floor in a prone position. You place the tips of your feet and direct your gaze downward. While your arms are stretched out to the side, your thumbs point upward. Your arms and shoulders form a line. Now pull your arms up, drawing your shoulder blades together. You can also do this exercise in 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Can I also improve my posture with Pilates training?

Yes, and very well. Because sports like Pilates train your back. In addition, your core stability is trained. Basically, Pilates is a gymnastic sport, which is focused on a specific tuning of breathing, as well as appropriate training exercises. And especially the posture is a crucial point in many exercises. With the correct execution of the exercises, the corresponding muscle groups can be strengthened. The so-called powerhouse, which is activated with the correct breathing from the chest, is particularly important. It describes a combination of four muscle groups: the four-column muscle on the spine, the pelvic floor, the corset muscle and the diaphragm. The ribs retract in a controlled manner with a slow exhalation. This is a very liberating feeling, which ensures that the posture automatically straightens.

Can I also improve my posture with the help of an app?

Yes, because of course there are also some electronic helpers that want to save you from not having the correct posture. However, in addition to numerous apps that have a reminder function, there are also other electronic gadgets that are connected to your phone. For example, a thumb-wide plastic box that is stuck to your skin between your shoulder blades. As soon as your back bends and your shoulders droop, the little box buzzes and you’re alerted via your phone. An app will remind you to sit up straight. With the help of the sensor on your back and the app on your phone, you can train a healthy posture. You can also get a quick overview of your performance in the daily log. Minutes in which you did not sit upright are marked in radical red. Some of these tools also have a training mode. So it accompanies you in your everyday life and is always annoying. But that’s what it’s there for, isn’t it?

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