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crossfit kids workout

Child doing CrossFit exercises with his parents
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With a CrossFit kids workout, you can provide a fun introduction to sports training and improve your child's motor skills.

Practice early

Especially at a young age, it is important that we humans experience a well-rounded sports education to increase creativity, motor skills, and of course, athletic ability. A CrossFit kids workout can bring these and other benefits to your kids and you. But which workouts are suitable, what to look out for and how can I motivate and support my child? We answer these questions and provide the perfect introduction to CrossFit for your child.

They are kids after all

When choosing CrossFit workouts, it’s important to remember that kids logically don’t lift the same as adults. So, with children, you should work only with low or even only with their own body weight. In addition, the attention span of children is much less than that of adults. Instead of working out for an hour, but only 15 minutes of which are spent exercising and 45 minutes exploring the gym floor, you should focus on a 20-minute workout. The point here is first of all for children to develop an enthusiasm for physical activity and not for 2 more weight plates to land on the barbell after a month.

It’s more fun together

Make sure your child doesn’t do CrossFit workouts alone at home, but together with other kids. For example, in so-called “CrossFit Kids” courses. Then it is for the child also like a day in the play paradise and not like a training in the training camp. This is essential for the child’s motivation to get involved with CrossFit workouts. The only thing to keep in mind is that the kids are supervised by competent trainers who have a license.

CrossFit Kids - Burpee Games

Children doing CrossFit exercises with their parents

CrossFit kids workout

Just like back then

Similar to elementary school gym class, games can be incorporated into the workout for kids. I used to play burn ball in gym class back then, and today I know that it wasn’t just pointless playing around, but my first exposure to my own body image and team spirit. What children also enjoy very much is the game “fire-water-air”. Here, reaction time, speed and concentration are tested. Anyone to whom this game doesn’t mean anything has probably already skipped one or two sports lessons in elementary school. Even simple things like balancing on a balance board, wobble cushion or vibro shaper have a lot more effects on us and our bodies than we think.

The basics for everyone

A CrossFit kids workout is immensely different from the CrossFit workouts you’re used to. Instead of superhuman physical performance, the focus is on play and fun. Furthermore, simple CrossFit workouts for kids are for example push-ups, squats, forward and backward rolls or even the handstand. The more variable the workouts, the better the child’s musculoskeletal system develops. These basic workouts are a perfect start, because they can be done anywhere and without equipment by anyone. Alright – anywhere is probably not quite right, but you know what is meant.



If you or your children are older and looking for more challenge, then it is also a good idea to reach for the barbell or other equipment. A suitable age here is 7 to 12 years, depending on the level of performance. The most classic beginner’s equipment in the fitness area is probably dumbbells. And children can also use them for CrossFit workouts. For example, one Workout would be squats with extra weight in each hand, pushing up as you go down. In general, dumbbells can be used as extra weight in many workouts to make CrossFit workouts more difficult.

Jump rope

Even in a CrossFit workout for kids – or especially in this case – you can’t miss the warm-up. You can do this with the help of games or a simple jump rope. The light fitness equipment, in addition to warming up the muscles, provides a more accurate sense of rhythm and, logically, higher bounce. After a few CrossFit workouts, even the classmates or friends in the KiTa can be amazed with a few rope jumps.


Small word – big effect. CrossFit workouts, like “box jumps,” can be done on a simple box, but not only that. Basically, kids can let their creativity run wild. Where the box equipment stops, the creative thinking begins. Make sure you don’t use that old wooden box from the basement with rusty nails sticking out of it and you’re sure to get an unintentional injury. Rather take a box made of foam or at least a high quality processed wooden box.

When are you going to start CrossFit?

Did you get hungry for more? Maybe you’ll become a big CrossFit star soon enough. If you can think of any other workouts that might be a good introduction to the CrossFit lifestyle or just Workout, or that kids might really enjoy, let us know. We are also excited to hear how you will design your CrossFit workout. If you still need help in working out your CrossFit plan, then of course we are here to help. Don’t forget that the “fun” factor plays a very important role in triggering euphoria and enthusiasm in a beginner.

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