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Sports music as your personal motivation coach! With this music you train more consistently and you can regenerate more relaxed after the workout.

Sports Music

The eternal game with the right sports music. You probably know it: you’re jogging through the woods or trying to lift some weights at the gym and all of a sudden you lose your drive or start to get bored. Unless you’re out with a friend who’s pulling you along or motivating you to pick up the pace again, it’s not uncommon to opt for the most convenient route and quit the session without further ado. We’ll show you how to make your workout easier with the right sports music or fitness music.

Why sports music at all

As Napoleon said: “Music has of all arts the deepest influence on the mind”. This quote not only sounds nice, but is actually true. Perceiving sounds releases various hormones and thus has almost a therapeutic function. The right music ensures that the body can better adjust to the upcoming effort and also hold out better and longer during it.

Customized to your workout!

Strength training – How to blast your muscles

When doing strength training like dumbbell exercises at home or bench presses at the gym, you should go a little harder on the song selection of your sports music. Music with a very dominant beat and somewhat more aggressive tone are ideal. The harder sound will temporarily make your body more tense, causing it to release the hormone adrenaline. The adrenaline raises your heart rate and blood sugar levels. As a result, you have more energy available and you temporarily become more efficient. However, it only has a supporting effect. Due to the natural increase in performance, you manage more weight and an increased number of repetitions, which stimulates the muscle more and thus encourages it to grow more. In addition, this form of sports music has a very challenging character, whereby one or the other of us is certainly spurred on again to 1-2 additional repetitions.

Cardio training – With the right song to the track record

So that you don’t run throughout your endurance training with cardio equipment as if you urgently need to catch a plane, you should consider three things in your song selection for sports music:

  • The song should have a relatively steady beat so you don’t have to constantly adjust your running rhythm.
  • Make sure that the sports music is not too fast and that you can still keep up. After all, you’re working on your endurance and you don’t want to have to stop your session after five minutes with side stitches and a racing heart. Songs with 130-140 beats per minute are best. Trained endurance athletes can also work their way up to 160.
  • Prefer songs with positive lyrics for cardio sessions. This will make you less tense, loosen up, and associate jogging with a nice experience.

Balance Training – Move to the Beat

If you rely on tools like balance boards, balance cushions or vibroshapers, loose, rhythmic music may be just what you need. Move to the beat while trying to maintain your balance on whatever device you’re using. Who knows, you may end up with not only a shapely body, but also some hot dance moves from your workout.

Relax after the workout

After the workout you should relax again, so that the body can slowly recover and regenerate. Here you can also create an “after workout” playlist. There you can put in everything you like. Especially soft and calm sounds release happiness hormones that make us – surprise! – make us happy. Furthermore, the release of stress hormones is reduced. So you can sit back and relax and listen to your favorite ballads or other softer music and slowly calm down.

Workout Music Mix 2024 | Fitness & Gym Motivation

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Enjoy your workout with these gadgets!


Nothing is more annoying and tests your patience more than headphones that constantly pop out of your ears or cables that flap around your head and get stuck somewhere. Wireless headphones with Bluetooth function are especially recommended for this. This way, the sound reaches your ears without annoying tangled cables and you never get stuck anywhere again. Whether you prefer the sound quality of in-ear headphones or the over-ear version is ultimately up to you. However, we see a small advantage in the “over-ear” version, as these are very difficult to slip out or off your ears and thus do not hinder your session.

Sports wristband

The Ipod and mp3 player have been around for a very long time due to their lightness and small size for sports. But let’s be honest: You have all your music on your cell phone by now and you always have it with you during sports. So that it doesn’t dangle back and forth in your pocket, you should get yourself a sports wristband. This way you can easily attach your phone to your arm where you won’t notice it and still have easy access to skip a song or repeat it if you missed your cue at your favorite part and want to belt out your favorite song again.


An audiobook can also be a welcome change of pace. You’ll even save time by killing two birds with one stone and “reading” the latest novel while you work out. Maybe it will even be so exciting that you will completely forget how exhausting sports can be.

Your personal record to success

It doesn’t matter if you end up sprinting up some stairs like Rocky to “Eye of the tiger” or letting your inner Beyonce out and twirling around your gym to “Move your body.” The most important thing is to start! So get going! Hit the keys, scour the charts and start searching for your favorites for your future “Workout Music Playlist” with your gym music. Already found your ultimate “workout” song? Let us know and share it with us in the comments.

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