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Crossfit workouts & exercises at home

Woman doing Crossfit exercise at home
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Crossfit workouts & exercises at home you can easily manage, because for the hard training method often no equipment is needed. Just get started right away!

This is why Crossfit workouts & exercises at home!

You’re probably wondering why you should do Crossfit workouts & exercises at home. Wouldn’t it be much better to do CrossFit exercises in a gym under professional supervision? Performing them in a nearby park, where you’ll be in the fresh air, is also possible. But pumping at home also has its advantages. We’ll explain the benefits of working out at home and show you how to properly perform and approach CrossFit exercises at home. In the end, we want to make you a true athlete.


The cost

Is it really worth spending your money on the gym to do Crossfit workouts & exercises? It would be much better to do Crossfit workouts & exercises at home, where you don’t have to pay a cent. In the gym you only pay for the large selection of fitness equipment, cardio equipment or special equipment like balance boards, balance cushions or vibroshapers, most of which are of limited or no use for CrossFit. If you still say that you want to train with equipment, then you should ask yourself whether you would not rather invest once in equipment for yourself at home. That way, you’ll never have to wait for someone to block a piece of fitness equipment, and a piece of equipment can be as simple as a jump box or a jump rope.

Time is money

The time aspect is also a reason for many people to cancel their gym membership. You know it too: At the beginning of the year, the number of members in the gym increases rapidly, because everyone wants to achieve their good intentions. But just as quickly, the number of members drops again, because many people no longer have time for the gym. In some cases, people even continue to pay their membership fees. In addition, CrossFit exercises usually do not require much time. One would virtually drive longer to the gym than the CrossFit exercises take. You can do it much smarter if you say from the beginning that you will do your Crossfit workouts & exercises at home. You’ll save on all corners, and if you do realize that exercise isn’t for you, you won’t have to find someone to take over your gym membership.


Overcome piggyback

Many people want to force themselves to exercise through gym memberships. Maybe you are also one of those people who don’t want to have made their investment for nothing and therefore force yourself to go to the gym every time. But you don’t have to. Motivate yourself every time by giving yourself a reward after your CrossFit exercise at home. This way you will achieve the same effect. It’s best not to do this yourself, because the risk of cheating is very high.


Another reason for you not to want to do Crossfit workouts & exercises at home is certainly the lack of competition that will spur you on to perform at your best every time. But who said you have to be alone and without competition when doing Crossfit workouts & exercises at home? Find someone who also does CrossFit and invite them to join you. It’s even easier if you just communicate about your successes. That way, everyone can do their CrossFit exercises at home and at the end of the month you can do a standard workout to compare your performance level.

CROSSFIT ® HOME WORKOUT | HIIT | No Equipment needed

Woman doing Crossfit exercise at home with dumbbells on the carpet in the living room

Crossfit workouts & exercises for at home

But now we have done enough convincing. Now comes the implementation with the following exercises. Because they require no or only small equipment, these CrossFit exercises are perfect for at home. We have also made sure that we do not present the classics like squats, sit-ups and push-ups here. These CrossFit exercises should also be attractive and varied at home and not bore you. Luckily, though, CrossFit has a huge repertoire of exercises and creative minds are always coming up with new and challenging exercises.


Burpees are an all-around exercise and I myself always hated them once they were part of a workout and that actually happens a lot in CrossFit. From a solid stance, you go to the floor by bouncing your legs back and lying on the floor with your chest and arms bent. Then you perform a pushup and jump into a squat position at the same time. From this position you jump up and pull your arms up with you. This whole sequence of movements together makes a burpee. Have fun trying it out and sweating.

Pistol Squats

For those women who have ever inquired about how to best work out their butt, it should be no secret that squats are remedial. It should be just as well known that squats are very monotonous. Pistol Squats can provide a new stimulus here. Just as with a pistol you only shoot through one barrel, with Pistol Squats you shoot yourself upward with only one leg. The other leg is held straight out in front. In addition to the gluteal muscles, this exercise also trains your sense of balance, and especially in the beginning it is not so easy to master this supposedly simple exercise.

Mountain Climber

Even mountains should not be a problem for a CrossFitter. The CrossFit exercise called “Mountain Climber” got its name from the movement sequence, which is reminiscent of the typical climbing movement of a mountain climber. You alternately pull your legs up to your arms, which are supported on the ground. So you climb vertically, which doesn’t take you up a mountain, but it certainly takes you forward and to your goal. You can also pull each leg to the opposite arm. This way you train other muscles and build a rotation into the movement.

The best CrossFitter at home

I’m excited to see who is able and who has the potential to be the best CrossFitter at home of us. I challenge you to perform the above exercises in a 10 minute amrap (“as many rounds as posible”) to start a little competition between us. One round consists of 10 burpees, 10 pistol squats and 20 mountain climbers. May the best man win and let us know how many rounds you have done. For a good result, the willpower of everyone is certainly also a decisive factor.

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