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Eating before bed

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Did you know that eating before bed can be crucial for having trouble falling asleep? We have 5 really good tips against this problem.

Eating before bed

Would you like to know how food affects sleep and especially eating before bed time? You might have sleep problems and are looking for simple tips to stop it? No problem. We’ll show you if and if so, what food before sleep is good for, so you don’t have to count thousands of sheep anymore. Many people know this problem and you surely do too. You coordinate your days perfectly, get into bed in time to finally get the full 8 hours of sleep and there you have it. No matter what you do, you just can’t fall asleep. As if dropped from the clouds, you are suddenly wide awake and only after 1 – 2 hours you finally get your eyes closed. That this is stupid, no question. We don’t even want to talk about the next morning. If you feel addressed now, we have very simple, quick tricks with which you can finally fall asleep again relaxed. Have you ever fiddled with your last meal before going to sleep?

Does what you eat in the evening affect your sleep?

That’s probably not an insignificant question at all. After all, sleeping and eating take up a considerable part of our lives. So it may well be that eating before bed influences sleep, right? I’ll give you the answer in advance: Yes, the last meal of the day does indeed have an influence on sleep patterns. How big is the influence? Nobody really knows yet, at least there is still a lot of ignorance in research. Nevertheless, we know that there are essentially three hormones in our body that influence sleep and are influenced by food. How to solve your sleeping problem, we show you now!

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Tips for eating before bed time

Besides the well-known sleep hormone, melatonin, that makes you feel sleepy when it gets dark, there are two other, perhaps not so well-known hormones related to sleep. I’ll briefly introduce them: The two are called orexin and insulin. The first one is not widely researched, the second one should actually be known to EVERY one of us. To abbreviate a lot of biology, I won’t go into further detail about their respective occupations now. Orexin tells the body whether to stay awake or to sleep, and it does so depending on food intake. Insulin makes you tired because it breaks down sugar, causing a brief hypoglycemia. Want to learn how to influence these hormones in your favor with the right food before sleep?


Yes, you heard right. If you are hungry, you don’t fall asleep as well. Even worse. Already in the stone age it was so. When man was full he rested, when he was hungry he went hunting. This is also how the responsible hormone regulates it. Our tip: Eat something before you go to sleep. It’s much more fun than starving yourself. In addition, the body is also supplied with important nutrients overnight. You should not misunderstand this, however, because between 1 and 4 hours before going to bed you should better not eat anything more, so that your body does not have to digest huge amounts of food during sleep. The exact number depends of course on the size of the meal. Which food before sleeping is the right one, we show you now!.


If you eat carbohydrates before sleeping and lie down in bed full, nothing should stop your sleep. Your insulin level will rise, lulling you to a relaxed sleep. The 6 p.m. rule that tells you not to eat carbohydrates in the evening is also the most widespread myth in the entire health industry. As long as you replace another meal with your carbohydrate meal instead of putting it on top, everything is in the clear. Plus, I have another tip on what you can eat well with it to make it taste really good.


Just to be able to fall asleep better, you don’t have to shovel pure carbohydrate sources into you, of course. There are plenty of healthy, high-carb recipes that add a lot of fun to the mix. A good example is salmon. Not only are there an extremely large number of very tasty salmon recipes, but it also has a positive effect on your sleep problem. Salmon contains many, very healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which ensure that your body produces a lot of sleep hormones. A delicious rice-salmon pan doesn’t sound so bad, does it?


Magnesium is known as a mineral that makes cramps go away. But beyond that, there are numerous other arguments why you should pay attention to your magnesium levels. Among them is sleep. Magnesium has a positive effect on your stress level and can therefore alleviate stress-related problems falling asleep. So always make sure to eat fruits like bananas and raspberries, but also spinach, whole grains and nuts before you sleep. If you want to be sure that you have taken enough magnesium every day, we recommend high-quality magnesium supplements. With this you should be able to avoid your sleep problem in a natural way and finally be able to relax again.


As if under a spell, you will not fall asleep for a hundred years. However, I can promise you that it will help you to relax, find inner balance and thus fall asleep gently. GABA is an endogenous substance that does exactly that. It relaxes you. Normally, it comes from the brain and thus acts on the body; however, when added as a dietary supplement, it works the same way. Since the discovery of this miracle substance, it has been used by many athletes for better recovery after workouts, which is why it is also included in countless, different sleep products on the market. We have already picked out the quality winner in terms of GABA for you.

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