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Want to find your perfect morning routine? We'll show you tips and tricks on how to start your day relaxed with the right routine.

The perfect start to the day

Do you always struggle out of bed and hit the snooze button on your alarm clock six times before frantically jumping into the shower? Then you quickly grab a coffee in a to-go cup and leave the house without breakfast? With a start like that in the morning, your day can only get stressful. In this article, we’ll tell you how you can avoid such scenarios and start your day relaxed with the right routine. We will explain the basic elements and benefits of a morning routine and give you some helpful tips for a successful implementation.

What is a morning routine anyway?

When we first hear about a morning routine, it may sound like something compulsive and a lot of work at first. But a morning routine can look very different for everyone. Actually, a morning routine is just your personalized start to the day. And that of each day, until it gradually becomes a habit. In this way, you can also train a relaxed routine in the morning, which gives you a lot of peace and strength for the day, as a positive habit. However, not every morning routine works the same for everyone. Only you can find out which individual morning rituals enrich your day. For this purpose, we present you a few possibilities and methods in the following.

MORNING ROUTINE 2022 | Healthy & Productive

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What benefits does a morning routine give you?

A morning routine makes you happier

The first few hours after you get up are the most important. Because they lay the foundation for your day. If you take time in the morning for things that bring you joy, you start the day in a good mood. This will make you happier and more relaxed. What’s more, the positive energy will accompany you throughout the day and give you strength to avoid unnecessary daily stress. Positive habits and morning routines can help you make your day more relaxed and stress-free.

Increase performance

But it’s not just your well-being that can be enhanced by a morning routine; your performance also benefits from a good start to the day. Research has shown that with the right routine in the morning, you will be more concerted in your workday and your productivity will increase. With the necessary energy boost in the morning, you can also manage more tasks during the day without getting into stress.

Ideas for a successful morning routine

Lots of options for your customized routine

The perfect morning routine can look different for everyone and take up different amounts of time. There are many options how to start your day. Therefore, we recommend that you try different morning rituals and customize them until you find the best morning routine for you. In the following, we have compiled a few options that you can integrate into your morning routine as a little help for you.

Getting up with the right alarm clock

Every one of us has probably used it at some point: the snooze function. And those who press it once usually press it several times. But constantly waking up and sleeping on is not advisable for a healthy rhythm. This way, your brain doesn’t know that the day is starting and you stay limp and tired. On the other hand, it is better to get up slowly right after the first ringing. However, if you can’t wake up properly in the morning, maybe you haven’t found the right alarm clock for you yet. Instead of your cell phone alarm clock, try a sleep phase alarm clock or a light alarm clock. These will allow you to wake up in the morning relaxed and refreshed according to your sleep rhythm. Alternatively, there are also alarm clocks for deep sleepers that help you not to oversleep.

Light and fresh air

Light makes you awake! In the dark, on the other hand, the sleep hormone melatonin is released, which makes you tired. So, after getting up, raise all the curtains and blinds to let the light fall into your room. In the colder days, when it is still dark in the morning, you can also turn on a daylight lamp or a light alarm clock. Fresh air in the morning is also good for you. Therefore, you should take a good airing right in the morning. In addition, a walk could also be a good solution for you. The early morning movement relaxes your body and mind. It also puts your emotional world in a positive mood.

Start the day offline

What do you look at first thing in the morning? For more and more people, it’s their smartphone. For a relaxed morning routine, however, you should leave your cell phone lying around for a while right after you wake up. More and more studies show that constantly checking our smartphone can trigger anxiety and increase our stress level, especially when we check our emails in the morning or late at night. So first thing in the morning, give yourself a few quiet minutes without your phone.

Drink water

You probably already know that drinking lots of water is healthy. But a large glass of water is also particularly important in the morning and is part of a healthy morning routine for many people. After six to eight hours of sleep, your body is dehydrated and needs water to wake up and get fit again. In addition, a glass of water also gets your digestion and metabolism going.

A healthy and vital breakfast

You should also take enough time in the morning to eat a hearty breakfast. As we all know, this is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast provides you with the important strength and energy for your day. In addition, you have countless options to customize your morning meal according to your taste. Do you fancy a fresh smoothie made with berries and a slice of wholemeal bread, or would you prefer muesli with nuts and fruit? Why not try out a few recipes? Here’s how to find your ideal breakfast for your morning routine.

A few more ideas

Meditation and self-reflection

One method that could give you peace and strength in the morning is meditation. This is especially about practicing mindfulness and being in the here and now. Studies have already shown that meditation positively changes areas of the brain that are responsible for self-awareness and stress management, for example, and can thus also reduce depressive moods. So grab your meditation cushion and take five minutes in the morning, for example, to quiet your mind. As a beginner, you can also start by watching meditation apps or videos on the internet to get started meditating.


Increasingly, gratitude exercises are also part of a morning routine for many people, making them happier in the long run. For example, you can set yourself a morning ritual of thinking about three to five things every morning that you are particularly grateful for. You can simply think about these things for a moment, say them out loud or simply write them down. Meanwhile, there are even special gratitude diaries in which you can simply write down your thoughts. This way you start the day in a good mood and with positive thoughts that motivate you.

Daily planning and preparation

Before you answer your first emails in the morning and start working right away, you might want to start your day with some planning and preparation. Taking time in the morning to think about your goals for the day or week will keep you focused and allow you to tackle them in a structured way, rather than rushing through haphazardly. In this case, to-do lists might also be the optimal solution for you to plan your daily routine. If you write down your tasks at the beginning, you have them visually in front of your eyes. This way you avoid unnecessary thoughts about possible next steps while you are busy with something. With good daily planning, you’ll be more focused and productive overall.

Sport as a morning ritual

Of course, you can also integrate sports into your morning routine. Sport is a real energy booster. Exercise gets your circulation going and strengthens both your body and your mind. And you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym. There are so many ways to get active. Maybe you like to run outside in the fresh air in the morning, or maybe you prefer to do some exercises on your yoga mat at home? If you find what you enjoy and what you like to repeat regularly, it can quickly become a habit and part of your morning routine.

Keep your sleeping environment tidy

Another important point that could help you bring more order into your daily routine is to keep your sleeping environment tidy. This is because for many people, their immediate surroundings also influence their feelings and thoughts. If you create order in your home, you also create order in your mind. For example, if you always tidy up in the evening, you will wake up in the morning relaxed and in a pleasant environment, and you will feel good right away. Even making your bed in the morning can motivate you as a small sense of achievement and at the same time let you start the day more efficiently.

Something that brings you personal joy

As mentioned at the beginning, there is no secret recipe for the perfect morning routine that fits everyone perfectly. After all, a morning ritual is something very personal. However, it is important that you take at least a few minutes in the morning just for you and your needs. So do something that brings you joy. Turn up your favorite song and dance into the day. Or enjoy your time in the morning with a good book if you like to read. Whatever it is, take the time and incorporate it into your morning routine. You’ll see: You’ll start the day permanently happier and more relaxed with more energy.

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